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    Transfer of upgrade and IPhone


      My husband's company is going to assume liability on his phone so I want to transfer his upgrade to my phone which I can do online, but it wont let me choose the Iphone Help?

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          I'm have the same dilemma. I sent them an email message about it asking if we go ahead and order the phone under my hub's eligibility and then switch, but haven't heard back. If you hear of anything, please post it, and I will do the same. Thanks!

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            ty  sure will! I am on wait to talk to LIVE person now

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              OK, I have the information. Just go in and order under the phone that is eligible and then when you actually receive

              the phone, THAT is when you do the upgrade transfer. Also, my husband didn't have a data plan, but I did. So I had to order

              one for him, but I'll also cancel mine the day I get phone so I won't be charged extra. Hope that makes sense.

              Good luck.

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                Thanks! I will have to remember to cancel one of the dataplan as well.

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                  I'm confused now.  I was looking at another thread under the iphone category and the consensus was that we should order the iphone on the eligible line, activate it on that line, then switch the iphone device to the line you actually want the iphone to be on.


                  I then called customer service and they told me the same exact thing.


                  However, that doesn't sound like what you have said here....



                  Sorry, I'm just frustrated and confused after getting up at 3 am to try to get one of these blasted phones and still not knowing for sure how to make this upgrade thing work....

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                    I called Verizon too, and they told me to purchase the phone for the line with the upgrade discount (even though it is a dumb phone with no data plan). Then, when the phone comes, activate it on MY line, not the line I ordered it for. My plan already has data, so I'm good to go. The data plan I ordered for the other line won't go into effect because the phone won't be activated on that line.

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                      Ok... I have a friend who wants to do the same for me. His wofe doens't want the iPhone & is willing to give me her upgrade. So, it's my understandong that he orders the phone on HIS account, but when it come I activate it on MY Account? IS that the way this works????

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                        Hmmm.... I think the transferring we are talking about is from line to line within the same account--NOT from account to account. I could be wrong. Call Verizon.

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                          Not sure if it worked for you yesterday?


                          I noticed yesterday when the iPhone was available that I could have used the VZW hub as a upgrade to get it at the cheaper price.  However when I got hom to do it, the iPhone sales stopped.


                          So I called today and the guy I spoke with said that wouldn't have worked as the hub is a VoIP phone while cellular is wireless.  So my question to you is did it work for you?


                          If so then that was a loop hole in the system otherwise if it didn't work I am not surprised.  He tried to do it on the phone with me with no luck as it said the upgrade you are trying to do is for VoIP not cellular.

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