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    Data Plan and Mobile Broadband Plans


      To start, I am a Communications Engineer so words in communications mean things to me.  Definitions are part of a communications engineer life especially when it comes to communication.  I spoke to Verizon today asking what is the data plan and what is the Mobile Broadband connect.  Their answer was the data plan provides internet to your phone,  Ok I buy that.  For Mobile Broadband connect, it allows you to connect your phone to the laptop and your phone acts like a modem to access internet.  Ok.. My response was good so you have internet with that also.  Their answer is no.  You have to have the Data plan with Mobile Broadband.  Well here is my communication engineer coming out,  By Definition Mobile Broadband connect implies internet included, Mobile meaning wireless, Broadband meaning internet, and connect meaning a connection to a device.  Well not so for Verizon, so I asked to see Verizon's definition that is displayed anywhere on the website or contract of Mobile Broadband Connect definition , they could not give me one.  If fact what Mobile Broadband Connect should be called is mobile modem.  That is all it does.  It is a wireless modem that they charge 30 dollars a month for it to be used.  Why there is not a one fee covering both if you want that,  29.99 for internet, and 59.99 for both to limit confusion but it is better I suppose to have 2 smaller numbers to try and make look like less money against other providers, Well I fell for it when I signed up of course I did not know about the 29.99 fee, I thought it was Blackberry service and I could turn it off and still have internet  with Mobile Broadband connect becuause that is what the sell representative explained to me.    Well all I can say is maybe I should not have switched providers.  I was not told about this 29.99 fee, that data plan is charged is required  plus the 30 dolllar fee for Mobile broadband connect ( modem).   

      Done I feel sheepish.

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          Sorry to hear that you had such confusion!  The rep should have clarified that for you.


          If you have a PDA/smartphone/Blackberry, an unlimited data plan is required because these devices are always connected.  However, to use these devices to tether to your laptop, you pay extra to turn them essentially into a data card.

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            They're seperate features because people don't always want both. Why bundle them together when everyone doesn't need the Mobile Broadband Connect. If they were combined we would not be able to remove this feature as need be. As an alleged comm engineer you should've had the gumption and common sense to educate yourself about offered products and services. As a sales rep the guy should have shown you a pamphlet of data plans and options.

            you're talking in circles...this makes my head hurt....