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    Circuits are Busy???


      My husband tried to call me this morning and he couldn't and I couldn't call him. He texted me saying that it said All Circuit are Busy which is what I got as well. I was able to pick up my home phone and call my cell phone with no problem. Thankfully I have a app where I can use my phone like a walkie so I was still able to talk to my husband just not as easy as when I can actually call him.Never in the past 5 years have I heard that before!

      Anyone else have this issue or know what its about???


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          Can be an overloaded cell, outgoing lines full, or a cell hardware/software problem.  If it is just a few minutes then it's likely too many people were using the cell and overloaded it.  If it lasts longer then it may be a real problem.  First try dialing *228 option 2 to update your PRL.  If you still get the message, then call Verizon, it's their problem and not your phone.