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    Verizon employee discounts




      Does anyone know for a fact if Vz will honor employee discount pricing - both equipment purchase and monthly service - for the iPhone?  I have heard conflicting feedback from customer service reps.  Thanks!

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           i get 15% off my plan and i actually just switched it about a week ago and i wasn't told that i would be losing the discount because of the iphone

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            It is still just a phone.  A awesome phone but still a phone.  I get a 22% discount on service and data plan through work.  Those agreements are already setup, so I doubt anything would change.  If it does I would imagine when the original contract is up, they would renegotiate a deal.  I don't think everything will go from black to white just because of this phone.

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              I hope your'e right, and that I just spoke to a rep who was misinformed...guess we'll find out Thursday.

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                RobE wrote:

                I hope your'e right, and that I just spoke to a rep who was misinformed...guess we'll find out Thursday.


                Lets hope because that would be a bummer.


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                  Oh my gosh, I just placed my pre-order for the iPhone and the first screen that came up is that the employee discounts do not apply. I just thought they were referring to the equipment. Do you think they are referring to the discount on the voice service, text messaging and data? Why would I lose my discount for purchasing an iPhone when you can access voice service using any phone? They allowed the employee discount on my Blackberry Storm and to my knowledge people with the Droid phones are receiving discounts on the service for their phones. I am not going to over-react yet. I sent a contact us to Verizon for clarification and hope to receive a response and will update this post when I find out the official answer. I have been a wireless customer since 1989 (not many can say that) and have never used any other wireless carrier. I have never had a reason to switch, I hope it doesn't start now.

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                    I got the same message... but it actually said "Employee Discounts will not be applied to this order, do you want to proceed?" To me that just sounds like it means that you're not getting the discount on the purchase of the iphone. I doubt it'll affect the discount on the service because they'd have a WHOLE LOT of **bleep** off customers!!

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                      That is what I read also. Fingers crossed



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                        come on does anyone read what the sign anymore? The first page when you go to www.verizonwireless.com/iphoneorder says in big bold letter PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING


                        It then goes to say, that employee discounts on plans will be honored. It also goes on and says that you will not see it during checkout, but it will be applied to your monthly discount... Then it gives a link and says after you receive your iphone to go to this webpage to make sure employee discount is still on phone.....


                        I mean why doesnt anyone read anything before ordering.... Verizon would be a genius if they put in big bold print, that you where signing a 10 year contract, and had to give your first born child up, because no one would care.... This is a contract your signing you should read everything! Then maybe people wouldnt need to ask all these questions...



                        Sorry hope everyone enjoys there iphone just get sick of people asking questions that are already answered if they just looked :smileyhappy:



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                          Please post the proper link to the information you are referring to. The link you added does not appear to have the information you are speaking of and I am very interested in seeing it for myself.

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