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    iPhone GPS


      With all the hype about the new version of VZ Navigator for Android, do you think Verizon is testing it out for a release on the iPhone?  Or, has anyone with the AT&T version of the iPhone tried out any good third-party GPS apps?


      I enjoy (free) Google Maps Navigation on my Android phone, but definitely don't expect to still have that offering on the iPhone when it is launched since it's an Android thing. 


      With all of these questions about data plans and whatnot, I guess everyone forgot about GPS.  I know there are third-party apps in the App Store, but I was always a fan of VZ Navigator on my Verizon devices in the past.  GPS is important to me, and I don't mind forking over $10 per month for the functionality.  In fact, if a good navigation program isn't available at launch, I may have to hold off since I use my phone alot traveling for business.


      Thoughts?  Opinions?

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          iirc garmin, magellen, tomtom, igo ect have apps now

          i have not used the apps, but i have ised igo and gamin nav prducts and both are very nice

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            check this link. looks like tom tom may have the best. "reasonable" price (although i'm fine with the free google maps, but i don't have many real needs so i wouldn't even know what it lacks?)

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              I use Navigon on an iPod Touch with a GPS cradle. It is one of the highly rated navigation apps for iPhones. Apps that store the maps locally can be useful if you travel in areas without cell coverage, which was a problem that I had with VZ Navigator. Note that these apps are large--around 1.5GB for US and Canada. They also cost around $50 depending on what is on sale.

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                I was wondering about the GPS as well, the GPS on my Droid x was incredible..complete with voice commands and everything. What is the best FREE GPS for the iPhone?

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                  Mapquest has a free app for the iPhone that features turn-by-turn voice-guided directions.  I have used it a couple of times.  The results are pretty good.  I had one instance where it did not recognize that I was on a divided highway and it told me to make a left turn that I couldn't make.  That was easy for me to get around. 


                  I'm not sure if it requires a data connection to keep the app active, but I would think that it does.  If I remember, I can try it out later today to determine whether or not it uses 3G data.

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                    I've read that Motion X is great - 99 cents to try $20 to buy.


                    I will miss the free goggle nav on my Droid. It's the only thing I will miss though. Google Nav is pretty awesome.

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                      whiteyanderson wrote:

                      I've read that Motion X is great - 99 cents to try $20 to buy.


                      I will miss the free goggle nav on my Droid. It's the only thing I will miss though. Google Nav is pretty awesome.

                      Totally agree.  Other things I will miss are the widgets and notification system, but that's about it.  Everything else I could easily do without!  Can't wait to get the iPhone!


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                        Mapquest 4 Mobile app is free and gives voice guided directions. No monthly fee. Works almost as well as my Garmin.


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                          but it wont work "offline", thats the important part

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