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    Phone virus or what?


      I just received phantom phone calls from a friend (6 times) and when answered there was no one there. So I saw that she was on facebook and learned that There is something freaky going on with verizon  phones where suddenly they will begin calling random people from your contacts whether the phone is on or not. Now while the calls from my friend stopped, my son's phone number began calling me (his phone is in my purse and OFF)  She told me that she called verizon about it and that she was told she had to get a new phone and number. She knows of someone else that had to too after he started having the same problem. any explanation? Or help because I am staying out of town and need to have my phone working correctly to contact family etc.

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          There have been some reports of a handful of android apps that are trojans, usually used for data mining or some sort of mass SMS deal (though they are usually pulled from the market fairly quickly. You may have stumbled across one, go back to the market pages for any apps that you downloaded recently and check the comments, this may give you some clues. Also, install lookout from the market and have it scan all your apps, it should be able to find anything that may be on your phone.
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            I hook up my phone as a drive every once in a while and scan it with my computer software. Have found nothing so far.