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    Voicemail not working


      Somehow something was changed and my voicemail no longer works. If someone calls my phone instead of the voicemail greeting they hear 'welcome to Verizon wireless your feature update could not be completed...'
      It worked fine this morning but I let my son play with the phone and he may have changed something, I just don't know what.

      I have visual voicemail  and it showed the older voicemails that I hadn't deleted and a new one that I received before the phone messed up so I think the issue is with the phone itself. I called Verizon and all they told me was that I had visual voicemail and that's why I couldn't get the voicemail when I pushed the voicemail button on the phone.

      I know on my last phone it had a number for the voicemailbox and if you changed that number it would no longer go to voicemail but I don't see any setting on this phone that allows you to change the number.  If there is one there is a good chance that it would be the problem.

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          This message was made awhile ago, so I don't know if you still have the problem.  But a similar thing happened to my wife's phone where when she would try to call her voicemail, the same message would appear.  Our daughter places with the phone a lot and I figured out that she had changed the phone number for the voicemail.  Instead of it being *86, it now read *86#.  I have no idea how she was able to change it, she is only 1, but that is what happened nonetheless. Anyways, I changed the number back to the actual voicemail phone number and it works just fine.  I don't know if that is the same issue you have as when people call you they hear a similar message, but it might be worth looking into.