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    Verizon iPhone Wireless Hotspot to Cost an Additional $20/Month


      just read this at macrumors:


      Macworld received official word from Verizon about the pricing of the new wireless hotspot feature announced earlier this month.

      Raney said that Verizon iPhone owners will be able to take advantage of the 3G wireless hotspot feature for an extra $20 per month on top of the iPhone’s required voice and data plans--that’s the same price that applies to current Verizon smartphone owners.

      The wireless hotspot feature allows Verizon iPhone users to share their 3G internet connection over Wi-fi to up to 5 other devices, such as your laptop or iPad. This $20/month fee would be on top of the existing voice and data plans and is said to include 2GB of additional data.

      AT&T presently offers single device tethering for the same cost ($20/mo extra) and is said to be exploring offering the same wireless hotspot tethering. This feature will be included in iOS 4.3, but will be dependent on carriers to provide support for it.

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          Question I don't want hotspot for an extra 20 bucks. Am I still going to have to pay for it if I get the Iphone?

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            A different carrier is sounding better and better.

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              What a joke. the way they showed it off this announcement was surely a joke right? I can pay $20 for this feature on any phone for less than this!lol
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                Guys... snap out of it!  They are giving this feature to you as an OPTION--meaning, you don't have to get it unless you want/need it.  

                AT&T and Sprint charge for this add-on... what makes you think you're getting screwed?  


                AT&T:  $20/2GB but ONLY if you're on the $25 Data Data Pro Plan (which isn't even unlimited, unlike Verizon's).  Right now, they can only tether--no hotspot feature


                Sprint: $29.99 for 5GB.  Great pricing, but no iPhone available at the moment.  The EVO is their top-of-the-line phone right now, if that floats your boat


                Wireless companies don't really make any money off of voice plans anymore since data is so huge right now.  Of course they're going to charge for something that costs them money to distribute.  I'd love to not have to pay for gas and cable in my house, but in order to receive those services, I know there's a cost.


                Don't want to dish out the extra $20 per month?  Don't.  No one's forcing you.



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                  People... think from their perspective. If they offered it for free, wouldnt their wireless card be absolutely pointless? Yes!

                  Not to mention if you were to search about this in the last 2 weeks it was all over that it was going to cost extra.


                  Jailbreak your iphone and use MIFI if you are that concerned. 20 dollar app and its the exact same thing. Although jailbreaking it voids the warranty. Still, you can revert it back to normal. Its a dangerous process though.

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                    the article even points out that this is the same price as current customers and other smartphones. so what's the issue? i've seen a lot of people whining about the $20 fee and the 2 gb cap. let me ask this.....if it was part of your "unlimitied data" and cost nothing extra with no cap, who in their right mind would have a home connection, air card, or any other form of internet? i would have my wii, tv, pc, and laptop all running at home off of my phone.....for free. do you realize how much data that is? they can't do it for free and they can't offer it as unlimited. period. does every iphone user (or potential user) want everything for free? everyone wants early upgrades, and data prices to never change, and discounts for this and that.......and now the hotspto feature for free (which no other carrier offers so whoever mentioned going to another carrier is being irrational). so let's compare...verizon has unlimited data for $30, sprint for $40, and at&t doesn't even offer it. verizon has hotspot for $20 per 2 gigs, at&t has the same, and sprint has it for $30 for 5 gigs (but no iphone). verizon has the best network with the most 4g coverage. sprint is pretty good and has some 4g. at&t is poor and barely even knows what 4g is. "what a joke" as one person posted????? i fail to see how this is a problem?

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                      Not sure why anyone would've thought it was going to be free.  This is the same $20/2GB policy that they have for the mobile hotspot on the android handsets.  Just be happy they won't make you switch off of your unlimited plan if you want to "legally" tether like AT&T does.

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                        I am confused, can someone help me out.  What is this wireless hotspot?  If i just get the phone and the unlimited data plan will I not have constant internet access?  Is this gonna be like the ipod where there has to be a wi-fi connection available to use the internet on your phone?  Thanks.

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