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    Blocking a nuisance call


      I keep getting a call from someone and their ID shows up as 4231. Clearly this isn't a real number as when I try to redial it I get a message telling me it wants a 10 digit number. I've called VW and they cannot help me telling me they cannot track who the real caller is. Clearly it's someone who is clever enough to block who they really are. When I answer the call no-one ever answers, but they still call me. How can I track who they really are or how can I block this call when I don't have their real number?





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          There is a program called Call Trap. I do not know the monthly charge, but go to their website calltrap.com and they will explain how it works.


          But usually when you see a 3 or 4 digit number as the calling number, it is coming from an internal phone system in a company.

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            Thank you I'll check it out.



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              I phoned TrapCall and this is what they said:


              Those type of calls are Spoofed Caller ID, we can not \'unspoof\' a spoofed number, we can only unmask direct dialed blocked & private type calls.

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                I get these 4231 calls all the time, so I saved the number to my Contacts, and for the ringtone I selected "NO RING".  Now at least I don't have to be bothered hearing it!

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                  Lionheart, receiving unwanted calls is very annoying especially when you can't locate a way to stop them. Although we can't control who calls and text you, we do offer our customers some options for blocking. We have our usage control feature that is great for blocking unwanted calls and text. Verizon Wireless’ Usage Controls $4.99 per month for each wireless number enrolled. 


                  With the blocking feature,  you can block Up to 20 ten-digit numbers, Private calls, Restricted calls, and Unavailable calls which are not counted towards the 20 number block list because its a stand alone option. YOu can also block 800 and 900 numbers. Also, calls to 411, #411, *411 and 1-411 can now be blocked.


                  Although, trusted Numbers and short numbers, such as 911, 611, and #ROAD, cannot be blocked, if you are able to locate a phone number for this company or they start to call you private or restricted I think this will be a good option.


                  To register and/or manage Usage Controls, please sign in to “My Verizon” using your Account Owner ID and password and click on “More Actions” link located near the bottom left of your “My Verizon” home page. Next, click on “Set Usage Controls” link, which is located underneath “Safety and Security” in the “I Want To” section in the middle of the page. 




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                    Kinquanah;  I hate to be a trouble-maker, (well maybe not),  but  you're suggesting LionHeart pay $4.99 a month for an added service that can't block the nuisance number "4231"?