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    Monthly Charges on BlackBerry Data Plan


      I'm upset over my monthly bill, which is much, much higher than expected.


      I got a BlackBerry several months ago as part of a free upgrade on my family's plan. The Verizon store employee informed me of the $29.99 unlimited data plan charge, but he told me that this was a ONE-TIME charge (I remembered to ask). Had he informed me that this was a monthly charge, I wouldn't have gotten a BlackBerry in the first place!


      Why am I only realizing this now? I recently got a new job and decided to get my own plan. Over the phone, I chose the cheapest options in each category (or so I thought). Upon seeing my first bill, I was astonished to see the monthly charge for the data plan. I called my family to see if the charges had existed on their bill before my switch; they did, but they hadn't bothered to scruitinize.


      I recall the employee who handled my BlackBerry upgrade to be offhanded, unfocused, and generally inattentive--a far cry from the careful attention I usually receive from Verizon in-store visits. I feel that I am being charged for his negligence, and I do not wish to pay this monthly fee. I simply wish to pay for the plan to which I agreed.


      I realize in retrospect that a montly data charge is logical. But when an employee explains something to you, you accept the information as factual.

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          It seems to me that you either misunderstood the salesman or weren't really paying attention. I find it hard to believe that they told you it was a one time charge. You say that you are not the person that has been paying the bill. Maybe they didn't scrutinize because they understood it to be a monthly charge.
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            You CAN downgrade the plan to a $15 monthly charge, though your data is limited to 150 MB a month. You can check your usage over the last couple of billing cycles to see what it averages.

            A Blackberry is much more conservative with data usage than a Droid, so you can easily make do with 150 MB a month, and it would cut your cost by $15 a month.

            Ignorance is no excuse, and reading ANY of hte literature or website info would have told you that the data plan is a MONTHLY charge. The activation fee is a one time charge, the data plan is not.