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    Cannot Make Phone Calls


      The Droid X can do so many things that making a phone call should be the least of my concerns.  However, since it is a phone, I like to use it that way sometimes.


      The problem is that very often when I place a call, it goes through, but there is no sound - at my end or the receiving person's end.  Their phone will ring, but they don't hear me, and I don't hear them.  I don't hear the phone ring at my end, so I have to look at the screen to see what is going on.  I will see, for example:  "Connected"  with the seconds ticking away.


      This happens almost every day.  If I shut the phone down and restart - which takes several minutes, I can usually (but not always) get it to work.  In the meantime, the person I am trying to call is wondering what is going on.


      Any ideas what is going on here?

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          You first might try doing a factory reset. Needless to say, this will delete everything, so you might want to back up everything you might want, such as your contact list. This appears to have been an issue with Froyo and a few phones. If the factory reset doesn't work, than I would say that you have a defective phone and need to get an exchange.

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            That is the only way that I know to resolve this issue, a hard rest worked for me, the problem hasnt been identified but this is the only working solution I have found.

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              Sometimes these issues are not phone related, but are network issues.  Call Verizon and let them know what is happening and they can check the network for connection and transmit/receive issues.  Turning on an off gets you a re-connection to a cell tower and may result in a new port(?) that is not defective(?). I've had these problems before and they have mostly been cell network issues and rarely phone problems.  Be sure and tell Verizon the numbers and location of the other parties too in case its a Verizon to other network provider crossover issue.

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                I normally would agree but when I had this issue I tried everything I could think of and also talked to at least .3 techs with no solution but after a reset it resolved issue and never came back.  But I would surely give a call to CS before resetting but if they dont have a solution try the reset ideal, I am sure one of the two options should get you up and going..


                Good Luck..