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    Gmail won't load


      I just got my Droid X in Dec.  Still trying to get used to it.  Gmail used to load just fine.  All of a sudden it won't load anymore.  Just sits there w/a blank screen "Loading...".  Any ideas?

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          I wish I had an answer for this one, but I don't.

          Mine does this on an average of a little less than once a week. I just power-cycle the phone and Gmail starts loading again just fine.

          This has been the only bit of weirdness I have had with my X. I just treat it as a reminder to re-boot the phone every once and a while.

          Annoying, yes. The end....:smileyhappy:)

          Geri O
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            You can try clearing the data for the gmail application and maybe the gmail storage application. This should force a complete resync of the phone with the gmail account for the email portion.

            This was how I one time fixed a different but similar sync issue with gmail.

            Hope that helps.
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              Thanx, Ann, I'll certainly try that the next time I get my "weekly reminder" to reboot...:smileyhappy:)

              Geri O
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                Weekly reboots? What are those? My phone must really like me. I am currently at two weeks, five days and 18 plus hours since the last reboot of my Droid Eris.

                BTW the way, just kidding about the reboot questions. ha
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                  Thanks Geri O, it worked.  This is my 1st smart phone and I'm not used to turning it off.  I will also do what Ann suggested, to create a weekly reminder to recycle.

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                    What do you mean the "gmail storage application?"  I am having the same problem with my gmail not opening.  It says, "loading conversations".   I tried turning the phone off and back on but the same message it there when I open the gmail tab.  Thanks for any advice.

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                      You clear the data by going to your phone settings > manage applications > applications > all. Scroll down to listing for gmail and select it to open the view. There will be a button called clear data there that you press. Back out to all view. Then you would repeat the same process for the listing for gmail storage if your phone has it.