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    Buy from Verizon or Apple?


      Does it matter?  What are the pros and cons for each?

      Is Verizon offering the NE2 when purchasing the iphone?

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          It really doesn't matter. The only thing different is that you could probably buy an extended warranty with Apple or maybe a better selection of cases/headphones/etc. 

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            they both use fed ex as well. I would prob go with verizon.. maybe they have it in a warehouse already in the US and when they ship out whenever they do you may get it more quickly then apple. Just a hunch

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              If you're going to be paying full retail price, there seems to be a difference between Apple and Verizon.  Apple looks to be $50 cheaper than Verizon according to each website.  There might also be differences in shipping costs and how quickly shipments arrive at your home or business. 


              Expect to hear more about pricing and other information next week.

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                Existing customers will be able to take advantage of their New Every Two credit if eligible, and use it towards the purchase of iPhone. Click the link below for more information about the iphone 4. 




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                  Thank you.  One more question - do you know if Apple honors the New Every 2?

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                    I've been told by a CSR and I have read on the message board that Apple will honor the NE2, I can use my NE2 with my upgrade on Valentines Day so i'm just going to call around the apple stores in town that day  to see if any of them have any iphones in stock, if not i'm just going to jump online that night order it :smileyhappy:

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                      I am going Verizon mainly because I want to call my order in to make sure I can add a line to my exisitng service with the preorder

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                        If you already have a New Every Two credit ready to be used towards the iPhone, you can use it.  After that, Verizon is removing New Every Two from new and existing customers. 


                        Apple Store: Pros: When you buy through the Apple store, (by actually going to an Apple store) they sit down with you, activate it, and if it's your first iPhone, show you the new features and how to do basic tasks.  They'll also help you pick out any accessories you might need.  Activation can also be done at home through iTunes.  Cons: You'll probably need the account holder's information (SSN, Passwords, etc.) to activate it.  


                        Verizon Store/Online: Pros: When you buy through a Verizon Store or Verizon Online, you can upgrade and activate your phone without needing some of the account holder's information (like SSN) but you will need their username and password for My Verizon online.  Activation can also be done at home through iTunes.  Cons: Verizon employees won't be experts at all of the features of the iPhone, so they probably won't be able to show you much about how to use the phone.

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                          If you are paying full retail- simply purchase from Apple and save $50. Apple will ship it for free and depending on where you live you will get it fairly quickly. I live in California so I get all my Apple orders within 24 hours. 


                          If you are upgrade eligible - it doesn't matter really.