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      So I am due to renew my two year contract with my Verizon but I found that Amazon Wireless is cheaper to buy the phone. My only 2 concerns are:


      1. Can I change my plan at anytime or am I stuck in the same plan that I renewed with through Amazon Wireless for two years?
      2. Right now I get a 13% discount on my monthly plan, will that continue if I
      get a phone and renew my contract through Amazon Wireless or will I lose my monthly

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          Don't know about Amazon but, with Best Buy or Walmart online you can get great savings and nothing changes. Your contract is only with Verizon and your discount will remain. At least this has been my experience with several purchases at Best Buy and Walmart, online and in stores.

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            it varies by the seller

            for some you cannot change your contract for a set amount of time, they make thier money from vzw based on what you sign up for.


            some also have a second contract that has another etf.  so if you change, they may charge you even though vzw wont.


            talk to whomever your buying through and verify everything.

            pay attention to what your signing, ect ect

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              Whenever you buy a phone from an Authorized Agent for Verizon Wireless you would usually  have the same plan options we offer at a direct store location.  You would keep your discount on qualifying plans and be able to change to a qualifying promotional plan at any time.  Note:  Not all plans allow you to have a discount, and certain discount eligibility conditions will apply.

              We strongly recommend that you only purchase equipment from Direct Retail locations or Authorized Verizon Wireless Agents.  Make sure that you are purchasing from an Authorized Agent, and be advised that terms of equipment return are often different for Authorized Agents like Bestbuy, Walmart, Amazon and etc..    

              Be careful and read all  the policies and conditions carefully, and  be aware that there are usually different policies for each reseller.    

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                Android10 wrote:

                be advised that terms of equipment return are often different for Authorized Agents like Bestbuy, Walmart, Amazon and etc..    

                I cannot verify that equipment return policies are different, I've never had to return. But rest assured that Best Buy and Walmart is no different than buying from Verizon, as far as phones and prices and contracts.disclaimer: my experience only.

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                  Here is what Amazon wrote me today:

                  I am very sorry for the inconvenience, but AmazonWireless cannot at this time upgrade accounts that have a business or government discount on them, so you would have to go through the carrier store.  Any order placed with us to upgrade such an account would cancel when we ask the approval for the order from the carrier.

                  I hope this information helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

                  Best regards,

                  Hank H.