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    Phone keeps rebooting

      I had a replacement phone sent to me last week. My new bb keeps rebooting every time someone calls or when I'm talking to someone. Do you think this is a device problem or is it a firmware or software glitch?  I saw that an update will be released tomorrow and am hoping this will solve the issue. I went to my local Verizon dealer and they wanted to give me another storm but there was three other people in the line with the same problem so I decided rather than get a new phone to wait for the update. Is anybody else having the same problem or should I get my bb replaced?
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          YES! I am going crazy with this same problem. It is happening more often every day. I have had my Storm for about a month. My son got one at the same time and has the same problem although it does not happen as often with his. My phone rebooted at least 5 times yesterday, once right in the middle of a phone call, cutting me off. Other times in the middle of texting or looking things up on the web. It is getting really tiresome. I like the phone but not sure what to do about it. I was on today to get with Verizon to try to address problem when I saw your post.
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            I have had the storm since it first came out. The screen does not respond quickly or flip well, the camera is a **bleep** . The keys are hard to use when typing. If the key you are punching would show above your finger that would really help.  The latest problem has immoblized my phone(rebooting). I had my first bb storm replaced because it would not charge the battery. Now the replacement reboots constantly. Does anybody know what to do?


            Is Verizon addressing this issue?


            Is the update the fix?  http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10252262-1.html

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              I think your BlackBerry may have a Defect in the Processor or internal Connections that Software may not fix.. 


              I would Strongly Recomend that you let the Verizone Store Representative Replace tour BB Storm with a New one..


              I have two BlackBerry storm 9530 Phone and No problem with them..


              Good Luck..




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                This seems to be a Tour problem. I am beyond **bleep** at this point, I am in Turkey and my phone keeps rebooting EVERY TIME I DO ANYTHING! I called Verizon and they did not seem interested in the problem. I may have to leave over this issue. I can not believe a new phone is having these problems. Has anyone found a fix or work around? This sucks because I NEED the phone for work and other issues.


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