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    2 lines on 1 phone

      Can anyone tell me if Verizon will allow me to have two different phone numbers on one phone.  I would like to have my personal number and my business number go to the same phone.  I believe this is possible just don't know if Verizon does it.  If not can anyone tell me of a carrier that does do this.
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          I believe that is why most phones have NAM1 and NAM2, but you can only be on one at a time though.  So kinda defeats the purpose unless one is a international plan and one a nationwide plan.  Or something similiar.
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            That is correct. 
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              Yes you can add 2 lines on 1 phone.  It works on any Verizon phone or any service.  I just signed up for a service called secondvoice. It's cell phone Service, it offers a second phone line on a single cell phone. It works for me.  Keep my buisness and personal call seperate. Perfect for the small business owner. check it out.  Its great to have two numbers on one cell.  



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                This is a VERY interesting service and one that I can see might be handy for some.   However, I think a couple of things should be clarified.   First, this is NOT a second line "IN" your phone.    That is just not possible with Verizon (at least not with full call in and out service).    It is however a third party service that established a second number for you and when someone calls that number that call is ROUTED to your phone by the service.   You do have a second number and separate voice mail but that number and voice mail has ZERO to do with Verizon.   It just has the appearance of two lines on one phone.   It's very important that members understand this.


                Voice mail for that second line will NOT go to your Verizon voicemail but to a second voicemail box the service sets up for you.    In reality this is just a third party that establishes a second phone line for you elsewhere and merely TRANSFERS those calls to your phone when a call comes in.


                You cannot make any emergency phone calls (911) with that second line.   You will NOT get a detailed bill of your calls either from them.   Verizon will bill you for minutes used for all of those calls coming in and out to and from that second service.   This will be in addition to the $14 bucks it will cost you a month for Second Voice to give you this service.   Honestly, Verizon can give you a second line and number for just $9.99 . . . it's called a Family Share program LOL!    The only difference there is you'll have two phones.   Some will view a second phone to carry as a drawback.


                Frankly, I'd get a second tiny phone that shoves easily in a pocket and go that route.  I view this method as an advantage because if one phone goes down or loses reception you've got a second small phone in your pocket!   It's what I do now . . . two lines - two phones - one bill and company to deal with and it's cheaper!   Still . . . this is an interesting option and some people may like it :smileyhappy:




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                  Sounds like somebody works for Verizon.  I just wanted to get rid of my second cell phone.  I wanted to stop looking like a {word filter}.  Your correct, I can't text or call 911 from it, so what.  I don't care.  I really just needed it as an inexpensive business phone number with aprofessional voicemail so I can a have business presence that separates my business calls from my personal calls.


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                    You CAN put two numbers on one handset, but Customer Service will have to do it for you and they don't like doing it.  Give em a call and see if you can't bleed em for it.  You'll still have to play for a calling plan for both phone numbers though.
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                      Oh believe me I tried that, just as a bunch of others have and we all got met with the same response . . . NOPE!   Theoretically, with Nam1 and Nam2 it should be possible but Verizon's policy is they won't do it.    Give 'em a call now and ask.   That will be the response.




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                        Like I said, they don't like to do it :smileyvery-happy:  I think they mostly do it for business types who want to retain a business number and only have one hand set.  I know there are circumstances where they will allow it.
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                          The response they give me and pretty much everyone else is they want one MEID/ESN number associated with one phone line for security and fraud reasons.   At one point I asked to have an extension phone "one number shared by two phones" similar to what you would have on a landline.    They gave me the exact same response.   They want ONE phone identified with ONE MEID/ESN at a time.   You can read their verbiage about this online as well.  Here it is below.   This is for the Extension phone question but it is the same response they'll give you for two lines on one device as well:



                          Does Verizon Wireless offer extension phones?


                          We have thoroughly weighed the costs against the benefits of offering this feature. We have made the decision not to offer the capability to use two wireless phones with one wireless phone number. The current wireless system we use identifies the wireless phone's Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) and matches the MEID with the wireless phone number. This process is integral to our system as it helps protect against wireless phone misuse and fraud.




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