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    Email attachments won't open


      HELP !    I have downloaded the app Documents to Go and Quickoffice.   Nether open the attachments.   The email shows an attachment you open it and it gives a Get More button.   You click it and it does nothing.   Doesn't open .pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, etc.  HELPPPPP    I need this to work or I am taking this phone back.  


      Also, how do you get the emails to view in HTML viewer.


      Also, if you receive a jpg and the name has numbers in it, the droid thinks it is a phone number and will not open.  You cannot save or rename the attachment.  The jpg filename must have letters only which is crazy because when you take a picture with the phone it gives the filename an immediate img0001.jpg, etc. name.

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          OK, calm down ... we can get this figured out. No reason to "take it back", just yet.


          What email APP are you using? 


          For some/most of the email APPs, after you open the email with the attachment, you click the Attachment - or the email text itself ... It then loads into the email which you then long-press for options with choices of what to do (e.g., Save, View, Share).  Is this what you're doing?  If not, please be specific about the steps you are taking and what you're seeing on the screen.


          As far as those 2 APPS you installed:  personally I found QuickOffice not very friendly playing with certain doc types. What I mean by that is when I opened an .xls spreadsheet, it seemed to take forever to open it ....   SO for my Yahoo email, I just use the standard reader that comes with it - and it seems to open things very fast, including .xls, pdfs, etc.


          Let me/us know some more details please.

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            Save Files




            1. Go to Text Messages view, threader veiw that shows the pic preview when its not opened.

            2. Press and hold on Pic

            3. Select Save from the list\

            4. Now the pic should be saved in SD/Messages folder




            1. Open Email

            2. At top there should be the number and the words "View Attachments" - Click on View Attachments

            3. Now you should have a list of attachments with a arrow next to it if not downloaded.

            4. Click file you want to download and you should get a animation where the arrow was that is indicating its being downloaded.

            5. Once the animation stops this means file has been downloaded to a temp file to be viewed.

            6. Now Press and Hold on file text and a window should open with three options - VIEW - SAVE- and SHARE

            7. Select Save from list

            8. Once complete it will have a little message at bottom of page that says "File was downloaded to SD Card"

            9. Now file will be saved in SD / Messages folder on SD Card.

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              My email is coming from my schools, Exchange Server.  Using Outlook.    I can open the email, but it does not show any file attachments, only shows GET MORE.  When you click it, it tries loading, but does nothing.  Reverts back to GET MORE.  


              It does not ask me to use an app for any of the email messages. 


              I cannot click on the attachment because once you open the message it does not show the file.

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                When I click on the email.  It does not show the attachments or any file names, only a button that states GET MORE and it tries to loads but returns back to GET More, does nothing.

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                  Again, which email APP are you using?   Have you tried just long-pressing (e.g., Press and HOLD) on the "GET MORE" verbiage?

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                    I would like to jump into this discussion and reiterate the same problem I am having with my Droid X. As the first post indicated, "if you receive a jpg and the name has numbers in it, the droid thinks it is a phone number."  The program I am using is the standard "Text Messaging" Program with the Icon of an Envelope with a letter sticking out.


                    When I "long press" the .jpg attachment,  the following choices come up:  "Open Message, Forward Message, Copy Message Text, View Message Details, Delete Message."  That's it. Nothing else. When I touch the link with the .jpg, it takes me to the phone diailing pad.


                    Any ideas?

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                      outlook is real picky with what it will send/receive as attachments and why i use outlook express.


                      are you sending these attachments to yourself or are they coming from someone else?

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                        Thank you for your reply. Actually, I am not using Outlook on my Droid X Cell Phone. I am using the standard "Text Messaging" Widget (I think it's a Motorola Widget and not Android). When I tap on the link with xxxx.jpg  (where X is the number of the attachment/link), it takes me to the phone dial pad and does not open.