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    USB Connection Not Recognized


      A few days ago I noticed that when I plugged in to do any type of file transfer that the laptop wasn't recognizing the phone as a drive and in fact wasn't even giving me the notification any longer. The battery would still charge though. I checked a few different cables to make sure that wasn't the issue. Now that I have taken advantage of the update this morning the laptop will recognize the phone but only as an "E" drive that holds the file for the update. The "G" drive still isn't being recognized. Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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          I also lost that connection since upgrade DL09 was installed. Now it is prompting me to forces me to you VCast to sync my music.

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            I updated my Fascinates this afternoon and am seeing same issue.


            Seems to be related to some new 'Media sync' option.


            I did some playing around and the following seemed to let me 'mount'

            the phones as before. ( But I dont like it. )

            Hoping for some direction from Verizon tech on

            a) what is media sync ? 

            b) how do I turn off permanently If I dont need or want to use it?


            Unplug phone from usb cable.

            Then on Phone...   Menu...Settings..USB settings

            Change to ' Ask on connection'.

            then press home button.


            Plug in USB cable.

            When prompted...Press 'Mass storage'.

            Now wait...wait..wait.  Took about 30 to 45 seconds.

            Annunciator bar should have usb symbol.  Drag it open.

            Press usb connected....Press   Mount..

            My laptop now recognized the SD card on E drive.

            Copy files as usual.

            When done...Open Anunciator bar and 'Turn Off' USB storage.


            Sometimes when connecting I would see 'Media sync connecting'..press to Cancel. So I'd cancel.


            Research needed on this.  Perhaps some new features ???




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              I'm on the phone with VZW now. After some searching, Cathy came back and told me that it is a known issue and although it didn't have a correction time ETA, that they would fix it on the next release. I told her we waited months ofr this release and that was unacceptable. She's checking further now.

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                Thanks Herbb623

                Your suggestion works fine. It is a bit more steps but rather that than nothing at all.

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                  I don't even have the option to ask on connection.  AllI have isUSB Mode , then Mass storage and Media Sync as the only option.

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                    Same problem. Then after disconnecting I have to reboot because it says I have no SD card installed.

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                      It seems that after the upgrade, when you connect via USB the phone presents itself as a CD-ROM drive. On this are drivers for some new (surely lame) Verizon software to do media syncing. On some PCs the auto installer will run and if you say "no" the device associated with the phone with switch to USB mass storage just like it used to. If the auto installer doesn't run you can start it yourself and say "no". Or you can wait for it to timeout, or so it seems. You don't have to set your USB settings to "Ask on  connection".  Once it switches to the mass storage device just hit "mount" on your phone like before. If you have file explorer running, you can see the device under "my computer".


                      Stupidly I said "yes" the first time I saw the pop-up for the new software. It didn't install and I couldn't kill the process - I had to power cycle. Also, MAC users are *** unless things work after the installer times out.  There is absolutely no reason to do this. The new software could have been placed in an app or made available on the Verizon site for people to download if they wanted it. The software is for some new thing that Verizon charges money for - big surprise there!!   

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                        How'd I get a ballerina for an avatar?? That does it, I'm canceling my Verizon services!

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                          You can change your avatar under the My Settings link at the top of the website next to your UserID.

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