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        There is a number of apps on market that basically can block a app from being opened but not restrict websites that I know of, try "App Lock" to block browser and market to restrict them from opeing the app without a password, this may be the best way to go for your situation.

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          Try logging into your VZW online account. From there go into "My services" at the top of the screen.  It will give you a drop down menu.  


          From there pick "Parental controls".  


          Then go to "content filters".


          From there pick which number you want to control and set the filter level from there.  It shows to be a free service. 


          There is also a $4.99/line/month service fee for Usage controls if you want those. It gives you a more in-depth control over each line.


          Good luck!!



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            Hmmm... Shpw you can learn something new everyday, I didnt even know that option was listed, thats good to know and that does look like the best solution.

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              you should look that over as I do believe those content filters from acct management are only applicable to vcast functions.
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                took your suggestion.  This was copied from the VZW content filter description.


                Manage the type of content that can be accessed on your child's wireless device. The Content Filtering Service filters content accessible through Mobile Web, V CAST Music, VCAST Music with Rhapsody, V CAST Video, V CAST Apps, V CAST Song ID, Media Center/Get It Now, Media Store and short code-based messaging campaigns. Once rating filters have been activated on your account, your child will only be able to access the content for their assigned level and below.


                While you are correct that most of the filtered apps are V Cast, the mobile web filter may be what the OP was looking for.  


                Thanks for the double check. 



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                  Hmmm, a rep once said android was the only os parental controls didn't work on. Please post your success or lack thereof. Thanks.
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                    @ Kooshie


                    I have verified Content Filters works on Droid and all other Android devices for web browsing.


                    The choices for web browsing control are similar to those used for movies:


                    Ages 7+


                    This material contains little or no violence, no strong language, no drug use, limited alcohol or tobacco use, no modeling content, little or no sexual dialogue and situations and no themes of a mature nature. This content is considered suitable for children age 7 and above and parents can comfortably allow this content to be accessed by children 7 and above unattended.

                    Ages 13+


                    This material may contain mild coarse language, moderate violence, mildly suggestive lingerie, drug use depicted without being designed to encourage use, some sexuality or suggestive dialogue or themes that may not be appropriate for younger children. This content would be considered suitable for children 13 and above by most parents. Parents are cautioned against allowing children under 13 to access or view this content unattended.

                    Ages 17+


                    This content may contain one or more of the following: crude language, graphic violence, sexual situations, criminal activity, drug abuse, sexual situations without nudity or themes that may not be appropriate for younger youth. Many parents would consider this material unsuitable for children under 17 and parents are strongly cautioned against allowing children under 17 to access or view this content.

                    Filters Off


                    Turning off the content filter provides access to all content accessible through your mobile phone, including content that you may consider objectionable due to the ages of your children or your personal desire to avoid certain types of content.

                    Please note: Some content may require additional authentication and/or age verification prior to access, download, use or purchase.



                    Also note that there is a page to read up on android content filters specifically: http://www.parentalcontrolcenter.com


                    Here is the android article: http://parentalcontrolcenter.com/parents/content-filtering-for-android-devices/