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    VZW Tones Deluxe


      I have been trying to download new ringtones for a few days. The link on VZW goes to a blank page and I get nothing. Tried it on my phone (Alias 2) and the phone shut itself down. What is the problem here? Good thing it stayed up long enough three days ago to let me buy a bundle of credits. I looked around at other message for the past day or so on here and see no mention of this problem with anyone else. Would appreciate some help with this. Thank you :smileyhappy:

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          When downloading ringtones from online, access www.verizonwireless.com login with your user id or mobile number and password. Once logged into the account there is a  red banner at the top of the page place your cursor on Media, when the drop menu appear click on ringtones then the Media Store page will open to shop ringtones. If your phone powers off when u shop ringtones on your phone make sure it's fully charged and also try doing a soft reset on the device. Remove the battery for about 30 seconds place it back in and power the phone back on.