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    Verizon Billing Issues


      With all the capabilities that Verizon has why does it take 3 billing cycles for you to correct a problem that Verizon created.  I returned my defective Droid in November as soon as I received my "new refurbished" phone in the provided, pre paid Fed Ex box.  According to a representative,the warehouse received it on time but did not correctly log and process it in so I got a $500 charge.  The agent I talked to apologized and explained that the phone was received but something had not been completed because the warehouse was closed when it was received.  Fine it would be taken care of.  Well guess what I was checking something else on Verizon and lo and behold a month later the charge is still there.  I called and after several minutes was assured it was taken care of but would take three billing cycles for it to be taken care of!!


      Verizon was really speedy in sending me a text about not receiving the phone.   3 months to correct it;  how does this look on my credit reports.   Anyone else ever have this issue?

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          Unless Verizon reports your account as past due and sends it to a collections agency, it won't show up on your credit report.  Unless they are calling you looking for the money and/or threatening to disconnect you, I wouldn't worry about it.


          DO keep a good record of all conversations relating to this and ANY written documentation that you can.  Keep the tracking number from the package, any confirmation that it was recieved, etc. because the number one rule with Verizon is unless you have it in writing, they don't think it's true.


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            Thanks for your reply.  I have kept the delivery receipt and recorded all my conversations.  The part of the process that gets to me is the length of time to resolve the issue! 

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              It is annoying that it can take so long, but this is something that will have to be looked into by a real live person at this point and I'm sure they already have a lot on their plate. I'm sure the reps you were talking to would have loved to have just issued a credit for it, but I think those are supposed to be done by the warehouse for tracking purposes, and I know that reps have the amount of credits they issue tracked (if they go to high they can get in trouble). So as was said I wouldn't be too concerned as long as they take care of any charges that result from the fact that it is taking them so long, I'm also guessing that it won't take the full 3 months and they are just giving themselves a wide time frame.
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                Reps have a credit limit they can give and procedures to follow when issuing credits.  On returned equipment if the tracking number shows it arrived at the warehouse then a rep can send a request ti the warehouse to find the package then you will be credited back.  I had this happen to a phone and it only took a few days before  the phone was found and i got a credit on my next bill.