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    KIN TWO software


      uhm yeah does any one know where I can get the software to make my computer to read my KIN TWO? Thanks :smileyhappy:

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          The software used to connect the phone to the computer is Zune software. It is similar to iTunes, as in it is a music/mulitmedia player software.



          If you have the spare time and want some heavy reading, i wrote up this review/FAQ that has many links (including the Zune download) and info about the kin m model phones.

          Kin TwoM: Review, FAQ, Q&A, troubleshooting, etc.

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            does zune cost money?

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              The software is free. You can also subscribe to streaming music with a Zune Pass for $15/month. Since fisharefriends posted the link for you, I suggest opening it to start.
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                How can I get my computer to read my phone? I installed Zune and it says the software for the Kin installed but it won't show up anywhere. I went to the store and asked for the CD to get it all installed and they don't carry anything to do with the Kin. But they told me I could find it online and so far nothing.

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                  Try your computer's Downloads folder. If you see it there, right-click and save a shortcut to your desktop. You should be able to open from either place. Or search for it from the bottom left corner of your computer. If you can't find it that way, I would try reinstalling it. Once you open Zune, connect your Kin via the USB cable and you should see a Kin icon in the lower left corner on the Zune screen. Let me know if any of these work for you.
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                    neither one of those worked :smileysad: any other suggestions? And thanks for the help so far (:

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                      I am not quite sure as to what you are seeing so let me suggest the following steps to be sure you get Zune installed.


                      1. From the Zune website (www.zune.com) you can download the free Zune player to you PC. (Find under products heading) When you download make sure to note were the file is saved.The file you dl is named "ZuneSetuppkg.exe"


                      2. Go to the location you chose for saving this file and double click to execute.


                      3. Zune will be installed on your PC and an icon will apperar on your desktop.


                      4. You can run Zune with out your phone hooked up just to get the feel of the program, set file locations, etc.


                      5. Connect your Kin with the USB cable that came with the phone.


                      6. When your phone is connected Zune should start on its own since it will recognize the phone as a Zune device. On the bottom left of the Zune screen you should see a little "phone" icon. If the phone has been recognized when you move the cursor over the icon it will indicate the phone.


                      Hope this helps.

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                        zune is installed but the software for my phone isn't so it won't show up. Any places I can get the software?

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                          nattieb, Zune is the software for the phone. Open it up, and the connect teh phone via USB. There is a separate tab that appears for the phone. After that, it is as simple as drag and drop to upload to the phone. And to download to the computer, there are various ways to do it, but auto-sync is convenient enough for me.


                          As far as i know, you have the right software. As long as your computer is newer than XP servicepack3, it will work (XPsp3/newer, Vista, 7). The interface is pretty straightforward when it is opened. Have you tried running it? If you can't find the tabs, go to the Zune website and i'm sure they have guides on where things are within the program.


                          Just double checking, but you did actually install the software, right? Just downloading it doesn't install the application, it just downloads an installer file. I'll repost the direct link to the download page:


                          There is a box on the right-hand side to download it, that downloads an installer setup file to your computer. You then need to find it (it depends on where your browser saved it, default is in the downloads folder), and run it. Then follow the step-by-step instructions. Again, the Zune website will have more specific installation instructions if this doesn't help.

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