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    V CAST Media Manager is the worst piece of **** software I've ever used...


      I mean, who wrote this thing?  Sorting is f*d up, uploading files is a freaking nightmare, so much scrolling around because you current view is not cached when you click to a different area...


      This thing is total junk.


      So I started using it yesterday.  Selected a bunch of albums that I wanted to upload to my online area.  Was logged in there and everything, so I think I'm cool.  Since there's no menu option to know for certain that I want to upload, I'm left to only the drag and drop option and hope that it is the correct action...


      I say hope because nothing is instantaneous.  It sits there and spins, no obvious visual activity (i.e. a progress bar showing how much has been loaded, how many files are left to load, estimated time to completion, etc.).


      Since I'm loading a bunch of albums, I figure it's going to take awhile and I just walk away from the computer.  This morning, though, most of my files are not there.  I find the transfer logs only to find the obvious messages of "Failed to load file xxx".  Yeah, that helps me diagnose whether it is my problem or verizon's problem...


      So of the ones that loaded (like 9 songs out of 90), I see they're mostly from one album.  Well, now I have to pick the songs that didn't transfer in order to get them put up.  Album has a total of 12 songs...  So I can't remember the 9, so I start playing w/ the sorting in order to help me remember...  Well sort from the full music list is only ever on one column, and appears to randomize after that (i.e. I picked sort local media by album, but the songs are not ordered in any specific way after that); Tried clicking on song title, then album hoping that after the primary album sort the tracks would sort by title, but no...  Meanwhile I finally get to the point where I'm just looking at the album itself by folding down the list on the left.  What a mistake.  The list is of album names, of which I've got hundreds.  Now I'm scrolling down to find the online guy to click it to see what songs are there, then scrolling to find the album (which happens to be up near the top).  By the time I get there I'm so **bleep** off about the ****** interface that I'm back to scrolling again...


      The only thing the application is: flashy.  Sure, there's lots of red black and white.  After that it's worthless...


      I mean, what's wrong with the multiple document format?  One window for local, one window for online, etc.  I mean, that way I could compare/contrast the two...  Or even a side by side view w/ the arrow buttons in between so the transfer option is obvious.  And the sorting?  Surely the primary and secondary sorting identification is nothing new (in case you don't know it, when the user picks a new column to sort on, their current column and sorting direction become the secondary sort option).


      Anyways, I think I'm going to have to dump the whole online option.  If this tool is the only thing I can use to sync music w/o plugging in, then I'll just plug in and use windows media player.  At least that tool works...

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          More ****...


          "Remember Me" on the login page doesn't.  Sometimes it's blank, sometimes it switches to my phone number...  And don't try to tab between fields like in normal login pages, that doesn't work either.


          How can you make an application that breaks so many standard user interface rules?


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            Verizon does an incredibly poor job of maintaining the applications that they design in-house and offers as "perks" to subscribers.  I think they find it to be less than cost-effective to maintain applications like the Media Manager and Backup Assistant (which has been spotty for months, including deleting people's contacts entirely, with no real explanation or timeline for a fix).  They can offer these services during the sale, and then I bet most subscribers never really try to take advantage of them, so Verizon gets increased customer satisfaction in most cases in return for no real investment of R&D and maintenance on their part.


            I think you hit the nail on the head when you said you have another solution that works (Windows Media Player + USB connection).  Use that, don't hold your breath for Verizon to care about fixing or improving a free program, and if having that feature is very important to you, search out another carrier that has it and does a better job with it.  Verizon is too big to care about what customers want beyond "do they want to pay their bill?"

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              Hi Gang


              I read some of your comments. I have to agree this software is TOTAL ****.


              I don't save songs, I don't save or upload any jingles. None of that stuff. I only need to transfer occasional photos and take them off my Cell Phone. I  don't have a fancy Cell Phone. I have a Samsung SCH-U350. 


              I have a professional camera but I don't need to take on the job with me. The Cell Phone camera does a fine job.




              Sorry for the frustration. They don't care. Guess I'll have to pick up a cheap digital camera rather than go through al this ****.






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                i have to agree with most of what you said. i just set up my "free" media manager that doesnt realy do anything unless you get the online storage. over the last year i have bought around 60 songs from vcast (not vcast from rhapsody). i transfered them to my computer via card reader and usb hub. they were there. so then i sent them to media manager and they were there but wont play. no matter what i do it says "transcoding try again later".. nothing will play. customer service has said that i might have to rebuy the songs even thuogh at the time of puchase it said i could send them to my computer for free. so i guess because i just now got a decent computer and dsl the free {word filter avoidance} has expired. i havnt tried to go back to windows player yet to see if the songs will play there. but whether they do or not is irrelevant. hollar back if you have any solutions to any of this

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                  dnebing wrote:


                  Anyways, I think I'm going to have to dump the whole online option.  If this tool is the only thing I can use to sync music w/o plugging in, then I'll just plug in and use windows media player.  At least that tool works...


                  Besides syncing music while the phone is plugged in to the computer, there are two more options:

                  - after plugging the phone into the computer, use the USB Mass Storage option option in the phone. This will cause the computer to treat the memory card inside the phone as if though it were a flashdrive that has just been plugged into the computer. You then would transfer the video/music/photos into the appropriate folders on the memory card [But the memory card will first need to be formatted by the phone]


                  - buy a memory card reader. Transfer the files onto the memory card via the memory card reader


                  Also, Windows Media Player isn't the only software that you can use to sync music to the phone. MediaMonkey, Songbird, and Double Twist are some other options. I've used MediaMonkey but not Songbird or Double Twist. I found Windows Media Player version 11 to be awful to use for syncing because it automatically started ...

                  - converting music to another format and

                  - retitling some of my music files

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                    According to a 2006 press release, the music purchased through VCAST has DRM [Digital Rights Management]. Maybe that might be playing a part in the difficulties you experienced




                    But I don't know if the DRM is still used in the music sold through VCAST.



                    And this might be another factor:


                    Hey all,

                    I have a RTG subscription, which was loaded on my 2 gig card in my Voyager. I upgraded to the EnV Touch today, and it seems no matter what I tried (licensing the device, synching, etc), the files wouldn't play until I formatted the card and uploaded the songs again.

                    Any thoughts? Is that the only way to get my files to play?


                    The DRM locks the songs to that phone. They are converted on upload to work specifically on that phone. So if you change phones, they need to send updated files that work on your new phone. You can consider all the old files unusable anywhere but the original phone it was downloaded for.

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                      TOTAL AGREEMENT. Except calling this *** software "****" is being far too polite.This is an HTC Incredible attempting to connect to WIndows 7 64-bit.

                      All I want to do is transfer audio files to my phone. I don't care about storing anything on line.

                      1. Since the phone wouldn't simply mount in Windows Explorer the way my Droid does, I am forced to install software I do not want.

                      2. After installing the Vcrap software, the phone mounts in Windows Explorer as CDROM J: which cannot be opened. When I launch Vcrap the phone appears within Vcrap as Phone K: and phone L:.

                      3. When I attempt transferring files to phone K: (since there is no option to transfer the files to the drive letter J: that the phone is apparently using) the transfers fail.

                      4. In an attempt to test the phone when I attempt transferring any media files from the phone, the transfers fail.
                      5. When I navigate within the Vcrap application to "How to connect to your phone" a blank screen appears. So far, the blank screen is the most honest part of the Vcrap software. It really doesn't have a clue.

                      At this point I am faced with calling tech support, no doubt waiting on hold along with other poor suckers stuck with this issue and then being connected to someone in India who speaks poor english - yet another communication problem. Why is it that companies that present themselves as being communication specialists SEVERELY SUCK at communication?

                      Let's face it: Verizon feels that sticking you with an $80 a month bill isn't ripping you off enough. Now they want to get you to purchase media from them. I've already got 30 gigs of my favorite music on my hard drive that I'd like to listen to from my phone. I don't want to buy any new music. it's pretty much **** (just like this software) anyway.

                      The reason I did NOT want an iPhone is solely because of iTunes, another *** software application (although it works) that takes over your PC's media collection and forces you to do things you don't want to do.

                      The Motorola Driod I have works perfectly: it mounts when connected; I drag and drop my media files and the media player of my choice recognizes the files and plays them. Brilliant. Too bad Verizon's greed is keeping me from a smooth user experience such as that. This lousy experience will influence my future decisions in phone carriers and the type of phone I purchase. I cannot BELIEVE that this is what Google had in mind with they launched the Android OS for phones.

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                        We want to ensure that your services are working as they should be.  First, I recommend that you view the compatibility information for the VCAST Media Manager, which can be viewed at the link below:


                        VCAST Media Manager Specs.


                        If you are still having trouble within syncing non copyright protected music to your device from your computer, it will be necessary to call our Technical Support Department directly at 1-800-922-0204, option 3. Please call from an alternate phone when you can be in front of your computer and we will walk you through some troubleshooting steps.


                        We look forward to hearing from you so we can find out what is causing the problem and determine a resolution for you.


                        Thank you.