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    3 G Hotspot keeps turning itself off


      My 3G Hotspot (now 4 days old) started turning itself off.  I have it plugged into a surge protector, and it worked fine for three days.  Yesterday morning it turned itself off.  Why is doing this?

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          I am having problems with my 3G turning itself off since my last update. 

          I have the Android version 2.2.1 and with System version 2.3.340.MB810.

          Can someone explain what happened and how to fix this?

          I am not getting e-mails and therefore no notifications of new e-mails because the 3G is off.

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            2.2.1 added a new power manager, maybe you might want to look at the settings and make sure its setup right, it has time restriction option to stop the device from accessing during curtian times and also you can say how long the connection stays live before auto disconnecting to conserve power.


            Check Settings >> Battery Manager >> Battery Mode

            I use Performance mode to disable power saver mode but if you want you can setup a custom setting that will work for you and see if that helps.