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    News & Facebook Feeds Not Updating


      I noticed after midnight on New Years' that my brandy-new Droid 2 Global no longer updated Facebook (using the native Moto "Social Networking" widget) and no longer updated the News Feeds.  Soft-reset no help, tried syncing all the networks, no help, deleted and replaced the widgets on the screen, now whenever I tried to connect the Facebook widget on the Settings>Accounts feature, it returns "Error adding account - Your request was denied, please try again."  When I try to subscribe to a news feed, I get "Error - Try again later."


      It's been doing this for three days now. :smileymad:


      Can't think that I'm alone in this, since on the DroidForum pages there were a few threads that discussed something similar happening in June, 2010, about the time there was an update.  It magically resolved itself then with no explanation as to why or how.


      So as a new user, I'd be really interested to know why I can't get the Moto-native widgets to work all-of-a-sudden...on New Year's Eve.  And is anyone else having this issue?


      Because while I've got the Facebook-native app loaded, it doesn't update my Droid contacts information...so now all my contacts' photos are out of date, the social networking history is messed, and I can't browse the news as I had been.


      Any ideas/input (especially from Tech Support) would be welcome!



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          I just got my Droid 2 Global for Christmas and a few days later it stopped updating my social networking widget as well. It gives me errors about updating, then I  tried to re-enter the registration information and I receive errors galore.


          If you hear of a fix please let me know as well!!!




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            I am also having this issue.  I can log into the facebook app with out a problem.

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              Having the same issues with My Droid 2. and still havent found any solutions

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                I have the same problem on my Droid X, not a single update since New Years Day!
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                  I have encountered this issue as well and have noticed that both widgets will update but it's hours later if not days so I actually removed the pre-installed Motorola widget and downloaded the Facebook app from the market and added that as a widget to one of my panels. It doesn't update often either but when I click on it I am taken to the FB news feed where I can see the latest status updates, check messages, etc.  This works better for me than the Moto widget ever did. 


                  Hmmm...this seems to be a global issue........

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                    Same here.  My wife's Droid 2 is not updating but my Droid X is working fine.


                    A couple of things that I noticed:

                    - I installed TweetDeck, which allows you to configure how often it updates.  Even though I have it set to update automatically every 15 minutes, it won't update unless I go into the application and hit refresh.  The application works fine on my Droid X.

                    - When I go to settings / about phone / system updates, I get an error stating 'check for update was not available at this time'.  This also works fine on my Droid X.


                    Seems to me like there's an issue with the OS.

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                      Interesting because I was considering taking the Droid 2 Global back and getting a Droid X if I can't fix this problem.


                      Point being, it seems to be a software or network problem and not a phone problem.  If I was the only one, or only a couple people, maybe I'd think otherwise, or if perhaps I'd downloaded a ton of apps, which I haven't...then maybe it's me, not them.


                      Them being Verizon and Motorola, whose response so far has been to hard reset the phone.  I'm not willing to accept that answer, because the phone works, and I spent the better part of two weeks just getting my contacts and music to sync.


                      Don't get me started on gMail.


                      Today I noticed that now not only are my RSS feeds not working, the Motorola native widgets that is, but now my e-mail accounts are not syncing in accordance with the "Fetch Schedule."  I have to sync them manually as you mentioned.


                      So...I'm back to the inevitable conclusion that there is a progressive network problem, because as someone mentioned before, when I go to the "System Updates" item under "About Phone," I too am getting the message "Check for update was not available at this time.  Try again later."


                      When is later, folks?

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                        Same exact thing here.  After midnight on December 31st all Social Networking widgets/updates and news widgets/updates stopped working.  I can't even submit FB Status updates through the widget any longer.  I tried deleting and re-adding my facebook account on the Widget and I get "Error adding your account, Your request was denied, please try again."  I have a Droid 2 Global phone.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

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                          So far with now three separate calls/e-mails from Verizon Tech Support (unfortunately I work nights, so I haven't been able to TALK to anyone) - there is no resolution but to reset the whole phone.


                          One tech left me a voice mail saying that resetting the phone might not fix the problem either, and said it seems to be a Motorola problem.  That makes sense to some degree since it's Motorola's native widgets that aren't working.


                          Problem NOW is that my e-mails won't sync automatically.  Still think it's a Motorola software problem though, since I've done NOTHING to change the way my e-mail (gMail accounts) sync, and yet neither gMail account will sync on the programmed "Fetch" schedule.


                          And no answer across the three forums (DroidForum, Verizon Forum, Motorola Forum) other than full reset and start over.


                          So...I'll keep you all posted, but hopefully some of the tech-savvy folks monitoring these forums will check in.



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