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    See Who I've Texted


      I am part of the Nationwide Talk Family Share 700 plan. 500 texts per month has been added to my phone. I am not the bill payer.


      From my understanding I can text anyone in the US (don't care about Hawaii or Alaska) and it doesn't cost me extra. 


      Not being the bill payer I don't know what shows up on the bill. (The paper bill that comes in the mail, not the one online.) Will the numbers I text or receive texts from show up on the paper bill?


      -I'm wanting to to text certain people without the bill payer finding out. (basically. probably just made that sound 10x worse than it is, lol.)

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          To your first question, yes, the 500 texts are domestic.  That package also comes with unlimited texting to other Verizon Wireless subscribers.


          To your second question, the account owner can view the numbers and date/time of any call or text sent or recieved on any of the lines on their account.  They can do this online, or in a detailed paper bill.  If they don't have paperless billing, and they've chosen to recieve the basic bill, then the full call/text detail won't be available, but if they ask for it, they can get it.


          In short, the account owner will be able to find out who you are texting/calling if they want to.  If you want privacy for those records, you should consider moving your line to your own account.



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            I believe on a detailed paper bill only the phone log is detailed. When I came over from Alltel I had detailed and if I remember, my bill was not all that many pages to have included texting details.