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    Loss of Service


      I took my memory card out of my Droid X and put the battery back in, turned it on and it says "loss of service"  How do I correct that?

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          Why did you leave the card out? I don't know that the x requires the SD card to be on the phone, but I'd put the card back and see what happens before I did anything else...

          If things aren't working AFTER YOU PUT THAT CARD BACK IN, try another battery pull. No? Call*228 and press option 1 to re-program the phone.

          If this doesn't work, its probably time for a trip to the Verizon store (or a call to VZ customer service).

          Geri O
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            Shelia did u unmount the card before removing your sd card if u didnt an it had stuff on it: there could be a possibility of it not wanting read ur card when u pute it back in the X or may ruined the card were it won't work at all an like G said a trip to Verizon: But  for a ( new) card may be instore an the cost for a new sd card is $49.99.


            one thing i like to suggest : to shelia and others reading this i no its so exciting when u get ur new phone an u want to play with it as soon as a u get the programming done at the store or if u get it online To see what this does or that does but as excititing as it is please read ur manual Cover to cover an there are several ways u can get a manual as for the one that comes in the box when u get ur phone i wont commit on here what i think about that thing!. U can also read the post on here or just ask one of us before u do some thing to your Device u wished u haddent and we'll help ya as much as we can. We may sound alittle harsh at times :smileysad: but would'nt You rather have us tell u that than have your new Phone Down and not be able to do anything with it!  :smileywink: but after reading ur manual an listning to us Go an have funnnnnnn with it OKie Dokie:smileyvery-happy: