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    Online Upgrade Date


      Has anybody seen Verizon actually update the upgrade date to your annual upgrade date online, once a year has passed?  I've heard some say that it will only say that for Verizon reps (on their end, never yours), but I've also heard it will change on the one-year date, enabling you to upgrade online.  (I would just wait and see but I'm leaving town for a while, and was hoping to do this before I go!)


      The reason I ask is because you can actually update with Costco.com but they are pulling the eligibility date from Verizon's system (so it keeps pulling up August 2011 for me).  If it updates to December in Verizon's system, maybe I can do that and save myself about 100 bucks.

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          Annual upgrades can only be used directly though Verizon, either online or with telesales.  Your MyVerizon account should show you eligible for the Annual Upgrade on the exact day you complete 12 months of your contract, no sooner.

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            I was told that I am eligible for a yearly upgrade.  It will not let me upgrade online, unless it is at full price.  I am being told that I have to call Verizon to order the upgrade.  It is easier for me to just do it online, but am not able to.


            I want to upgrade to a Droid 2..... shame I can't do it online and am being forced to call if I want it.

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              OK - here's what I have noticed on my account. I am the primary line on a family plan with 4 other lines. My home screen shows "You are eligible for an upgrade on 1/10/2011 (my NE2, 20 month mark). No where on that screen is there ANY indication of an "annual upgrade" or any eligibility for such.

              However, when I click on "Upgrade now" - and I get the page with all the lines, it shows my line as "Upgrade at discounted price" and I get the discounts. It did NOT show that until the exact day I hit the one year mark of my contract, like catfish said.

              Ophia, I wouldn't be upset by being "forced to call" - if you are eligible the call will make no difference in the price, or when you get the phone - we've upgraded all ways - online, on the phone, and in the store, and I prefer online or on the phone . . . I'll go to the store to play with the phones, then come home and order!
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                Having to call may make a difference in price... however, if they quote you a different price go ahead and tell them that you're ordering over the phone instead of online because your account won't let you and they should be able to either figure out what the problem is or get you online pricing if they can't fix it.