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    Taking someone off my family plan...


      I have a family plan that I would like to change to an individual plan and take the other person off my plan.  We are no longer in a relationship and he is not contribuing to the phone bill, so our service has been shut off.  I cannot afford the full amount on my own each month for both of our phones.  I am the primary account holder.  Am I allowed to take him off without breaking the contract and getting charged addtional fees?  We are more than half-way through our contract.  It expires in August 2011 and I am up for the "new every 2" in Aprill 2011. 

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          Yes, you can take him off your service, but unless he is willing to sign an assumption of liability with Verizon saying he will complete the contract, you will have to pay the ETF which for smart phones is $350 less $10/month for each month of the contract that is already completed. For feature phones, it is half that.


          If he is unwilling to sign the assumption of liability, you can go into the My Verizon website and suspend service to that line. Then you can drop your talk plan to the level that you think would be sufficient for just you. You will have to pay the additional $10/month for the extra line, though. He will not be able to mooch off your minutes if you take these steps.

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            If you cancel his line in the middle of the contract, then you will be charged cancellation fees - there's no way around that - unless he passes away or gets deployed to the military (but you have to provide proof in those circumstances).


            My recommendation would be to pay as much as you can so you can get your phones turned back on; then lower plan to lowest possible plan you can have (afford) - or one that you know you won't go over the minutes on including removing extra features you don't need like text message plans, insurance, etc. - and block all other services like web, downloads, ringtones, etc. Then you can suspend his service so that he can't use the phone (run the bill up) until you are able to cancel it.

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