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    Data plan vs. WiFi


      I am looking at getting the Incredible as my first smartphone.  If I am connected to my WiFi at home or work, does that count against my data plan?  As I do not plan to use a lot for apps and such away from WiFi, I am going to start out with the 150 MB plan and monitor the usage.  However, wanted to make sure time connected via WiFi did NOT count against the 150.

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          If connected to WiFi. you do not use any of your data pool.

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            I asked the same thing a day or so ago, and was told this,


             "As long as you are connected to a WiFi connection, downloads will not use your data pool."


            I'm actually not 100% sure though.  I'd like to see that on Verizon's site somewhere...


            Crud, the user that posted in my question beat me to the reply.


            Budone, is there a reference to this on the Verizon site?

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              As I wrote, not that I am aware of. I know I can walk out the house and switch to 3G without even knowing as there is not even a break in straming music, so it is easy to be on 3G and not notice unless you are watching your phone.


              If concerned and you have a constant WiFi connection, go into your WIRELESS & NETWORK settings and shut off Mobile network. You will not connect to 3G at all, only WiFi

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                Yup, that's what I do.  I have on-off switches on my home screen.  I click off the Wireless and on the Wi Fi, as I come in the house.  I just feel like I'm still burning my data, even on WiFi.


                I was even told by folks at work that they were certain that the Wi Fi connection, with Wireless turned off didn't burn the Data Plan, and I was convinced, until I saw that there was some on there last night, at about 9:30pm.  I don't recall what I was doing, but I'm pretty sure I was on Wi Fi.

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                  If mobile network was off there is not a physical way for data to be used as that 'radio' is shut down.


                  Forgot to say, I also have 4 toggles set up on a screen for easy access to Airplane, WiFi, Network, and Bluetooth.

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                    Makes good sense.

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                      One thing to be awear of all though Wi-fi is by far better than 3G on watchin,listning & surfing the web there are some thing wi-fi will not let u do as i found this Out:  it will not let u purchase things from verizon Like on Droid X  I wanted madden football thought hey i can do this on wi-fi: noop that didnt happen shut off wi-fi: 3g came on tried it again woolaa it went thru. so yes i do use wi-fi allot but there are some things it wont lett u do.  :smileyhappy:  Boy do i love that shoutcast music awsome.!:smileywink:

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                        I got it straight from a Verizon Customer Service Rep today, that budone is 100% correct.  If you turn off the Wireless Access, and turn on the Wi Fi, your Data Plan is no longer affected.

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                          Thanks FHBrumb and everyone else for the discussion.  To layer on one additional question, if I am hooked up to wi-fi, but my cell/3G connection is still active, is there a way to ensure that I'm maximizing my wi-fi use and minimizing depletion of my data plan?

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