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    Weird Problems With New Data Plan


      Hi. I just received a new Droid smartphone and have been having a great time looking through the phone and seeing all of the cool things you can do with it. I have downloaded a couple of programs and what not by connecting to my home Wi-Fi service, but I haven't used up THAT much MB's of space. However, this morning I got a text from verizon saying that I exceeded my $15 a month Data limit, but I don't see how this is possible. When I go to my account online and check out how much I've used, it tells me I've used up about 28 MB's out of 150, which is the limit. Is this just a glitch or is it a problem I need to to address with haste? Will it add on to the bill? Also, has anyone else had this problem before?

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          When you look online at data used it is usually 24-36 hours behind. it is not current......


          When you have WiFi marked, if you leave the connection it will fall back to a 3G conenction.


          On a Droid, unless you are diligent on confirming your connection you will easily go over the 150MB limit. But it can be done.


          My cycle starts on the 14th and even though I use my WiFi connection at home all the time, I am aleady at 95MB of data use for the month.

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            It can take a bit of time to update, like the last poster wrote. If I can make a suggestion, though: with using a droid device, consider placing the unlimited package and cutting the loss from the increase. If you go over, even by a byte, it will charge you for another full 150MB allowance, basically eliminating the savings. The Droid devices are insatiable data hogs (it is like slop to them). I see a lot of instances where users go over this feature when attempting to save a bit of money. On the Droid phones, it is usually not worth the risk of overage.

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              Also to add to Charming Ph....... if you change your plan now to umlimited, BE SURE to have it backdated to cover the overages.