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    LG Cosmos Touch - CDMA USB Modem Driver Error?


      When I connect my LG Cosmos Touch (LG-VN270) to my PC it asks if I want to install the program "TL_Bootstrap.exe". I click yes and it loads to a point, stops and then says the driver for the USB Modem was not installed. I downloaded an update from LG and still have the problem.


      Is this needed? 

      Is there a work around?

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          As far as I can glean from reading, the tl bootstrap is an add-on for the android phones(?) and causes more headaches than it solves - I'm not sure what it does or what it is for; my guess would be you don't need it.

          Next question - why are you trying to install a modem driver for the Cosmos Touch? Are you trying to use it to tether an internet connection for your laptop/desktop PC? I don't think the Cosmos is even capable of that . . . so there's no need for the modem driver. And if it is capable, you need to pay extra for the tethering use...

          If you are simply trying to use the USB to read the SD card in the phone, you don't need a modem driver . . . when yo hook the phone up to the computer, hit END to cancel out of whatever pops up at first, then go to your Menu (on the phone) >> Settings and Tools >> Tools >> USB Mass Storage. then you should see the phone as a drive on your computer.

          If you are trying to sync music, you'll need the VCast Media Manager software, I think....
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            When I plug in the Phone I get a Windows Autoplay window asking me what I want to do.


            One is install TL Bootstrap the other is explore.

            If I choose explore I see the following files


            Tools (directory)



            LG (icon)






            The Tools directory contains the file LGUSBmodemdrivers_WHQL_Eng_Ver_4.9.7_NP_Win7


            If I choose Install TL bootstrap it starts to install but then stops and tells me to re-install the USB modem driver.


            Now if I do nothing, this Autoplay window disappears after about 30 seconds and a new one launches for the SD Disk that is in the phone. That works fine.






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              I have the same problem, basically. I plug in the phone via USB, 2 options appear: bootstrap from LG or browse files. I run bootstrap. 2 LG icons appears in my tool tray. One disappears almost instantly. Then, before I can click on it, the other one disappears, nothing is appearing on the desktop now. Earlier, I ran it and it did appear, but it said a file was missing. When I browse the phones memory, I can see the file there. I try to transfer it to the desk top but as soon as i click copy, the whole folder disappears.


              I am running windows 7 pro 64 bit.

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                I fixed this by choosing the "browse files" option again. I pressed the OK button on the phone every now and then to keep it from going to sleep. This kept the file dialog open long enough for me to copy the install files from the phone's memory. I copied them to the desktop. I trid to run the bootstrap file. It did not seem to work. I ran the driver file down in the sub folder and that worked. It installed 3 drivers. It took a sec to begin running, so I had already opened  a second copy and had to close that. So don't rush. Phone works fine now. Under USB options, I have the option to choose mass storage mode, modem mode (weird way of saying access phone memory?) and "ask each time". I still feel like there is some sort of phone managing software missing.

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                  Going to USB Mass Storage Device in the Settings & Tools worked like a charm!  You had to be at that place when you plug the phone into the computer, but I was then able to get all my pics off my phone.