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    Kin TWOm Ringtones


      Alright so I have tried so many different ways to get my custom MP3 ringtones on the phone and I can't. Its getting really irritating too. I don't have texting or anything so emailing it to myself through the MMS (@vzwpix.com) and any other sites will not work. I've tried using the email feature and emailed it to myself, but then it won't download it either. Next i've been trying to get it to work by going through Zune, but still no avail. I have read that its possible to upload ringtones from Zune, but I haven't found anyone to tell me how.

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          I have not read it is possible to use Zune to transfer ringtones. The only way I have read (and had success with) that is possible is mms text. I could not get it to my phone through email. The attachments are always removed.  You have no text whatsoever? If someone found another way I missed and would be greatly interested in reading about it.

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            Yea... Sadly I have no text whatsoever currently, so when I try to email myself anything nothing shows up on the cell phone. I read in other threads that it could be done through Zune, but none of them actually gave a clear answer about it.

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              I also read that other post, but i believe it was posted while he/she was testing in-progress. You can get the ringtones onto the phone, but teh phone does not recognize any of the music files on the ringtone list (as many other phones don't either). It will show up in the zune player, but you cannot set it as a ringtone.


              Sadly, for your situation, the only way i found possible was by sending it through multimedia messaging, either to yourself (##@vzwpix.com) or from another phone that you have access to. However, I have not tried this with the Kin, but i believe a bluetooth transfer would work, from a buddy/sibling/parent's phone to your phone to transfer the sound file. It works on other phones, its just a simple bluetooth file transfer, but it wouldn't be the first thing on the Kin phones that didn't work, that works for any other phone. If anyone has tried the bluetooth transfer, please update on whether it succeeded or failed.

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                EASY to do this with myxer.



                upload an mp3 to myxer, they send it back to you and then you click set as ring tone and it is done.


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                  sdowney, as stated above, he does not have texting, and with myxer, that is the only way to get them to the phone.

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                    Hmm, I'll try out the bluetooth function, but to clarify then I would need to get my ringtone onto a phone with bluetooth, then find a way to do a bluetooth transfer somehow between the two?


                    Will try, but still looking for other ways!

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                      The manual states that you cannot blue tooth ring tones or anything else from one device to or from the Kin.  The only thing the blue tooth will do on the Kin is for use with a head set or ear piece.


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                        Ah, Thats a bummer... Sadly it seems the only way is through MMS/Texting... Too bad there isn't a drag n drop version...

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                          I thought all phones could send/ receive text messages even if you don't have a text messaging plan? doesn't it just mean you'll pay about $0.05 for each text or something?

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