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    youtube video phone can not play?


      I was reading on another forum that it plays youtube videos

      however if i go there, it says the phone can not play the video

      so what do you think?




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          14 minutes into that youtube video, the person is playing the youtube video on the kin2m


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            the phone is right next to a working 802.11g which connects just fine to a laptop and the phone connects just fine.

            I will have to tell people if asked that it does not play youtube or just not reliably simply or easily done, meaning dont count on it to work!

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              How are you connected?

              I don't know if it makes a difference or not, but I can play youtube videos just fine on my KIN TWOm while using Wifi.  I haven't tried it using the 3G though because I have data blocked on my plan.

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                It now is playing youtube videos!

                I got concerned that the data package was being used. I had just activated the phone and was internet browsing the phone.

                So, I called the tech support. she checked and said there was no data used.

                So I asked her to block data and sms texting like where you might send a message and it costs a lot.


                I rebooted the router and it now plays the video.

                So I dont know if the data block put on helped or rebooting the router.

                It was browsing fine the whole time, just no youtube.


                IS SHE RIGHT? when she told me I had not used any data ?


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                  When I mean internet browsing, I mean I had wifi on, airport mode off, data roaming off.


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                    As long as you were connected to the wireless router than no data should have been used.  The phones do not use the 3G data to surf the web when you are not connected through the wifi.

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                      Well it is back to the "cant play the video thru the phone" message

                      so IMO, it is as flakey as ever.

                      I actually have 2 wifi routers.

                      I can connect to either one


                      I played several youtube videos

                      Then, I went to CNN, tried to play a video got the cant play message.

                      Then, I went back to youtube, and it cant play anything.

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                        shoot, now the phone cannot easily connect to either router.

                        Yet, my PC is connected wirelessly to the netgear router just fine.

                        The phone I noticed was having trouble renewing the lease IP address, then it claims it is connected, yet the web pages cant be displayed. So it will give an IP address of and eventually get an address, yet it cant browse.


                        And no the phone wont connect to either router anymore.

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                          Ok, TURNED OFF wpa on the gateway router, phone connects and plays youtube

                          seriously, I think this microsoft phone has issues with security settings!

                          Netgear is also set to WPA which worked with the phone for a very short time.


                          My laptop connects just dandy with no troubles security or no security.


                          I could tell the phone was having trouble with security since it was having trouble getting an IP address.

                          Frequently showing or something really weird like totally unrelated the the pool of adresses i told the router it can use.

                          And it never showed up oin the DHCP clients table on the gateway router with security on, but with it off, it does show up in the clients table. IMO, I should not have to turn off security to let the phone connect properly.


                          Any ideas why the phone is flaking out so badly?

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