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    going to Jamaica


      We are going to Jamaica for 11 days and I understand it will cost me $1.99 a min if I make a call from Jamaica  to the US.  I will also pay .50 per text I send and .05 per text I receive.  Am I also charged the $1.99 a min if I do not answer the call or if they leave a voice mail but do not check it?  We are also taking our lap top along as they have WIFI and I know here at home I can send via my email a VTEXT, will I be charged the .50 per VTEXT and .05 per VTEXT received back?  I am just trying to go on vacation and not come back to charges that cost more than the vacation.  But we would like to know if someone would need to get a hold of us while we are gone they could without it costing us lots of $$$.

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          I believe you will be charged $1.99 per minute for calls not answered or left in your voice mail. Not sure about your second question about texts. I was in Jamaica in May and communicated with my family through texts, but from my device. The one short call I did make back to the states cost me $10. Remember to call Verizon customer service before you leave to enable international dialing, if you think you'll make any calls. Also, not sure which phone you have, but you might want to turn off data roaming too. Have fun!
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            Depending on the type of phone you have, you will also need to make sure you don't require a international data plan. For Blackberrys and Smartphones, the global email and web plan is $64.99 (you can change it back to $29.99 when you come back). If you don't have a global data plan, and you're using the internet, email, facebook, picture messaging, or any other data, then you will be billed $20.48 per megabyte.


            To answer your question though, if you receive any text msgs on your phone whether they are from vtext or from an actual phone, then you will be charged the text fee. If you are sending the text from your computer and not from your phone, then I don't believe you will be billed the fee for that. If you use your phone internationally whether you are checking your voicemail or calling another Verizon customer or even calling someone from your Friends & Family list, you still will be billed the international rate of $1.99. As long as you do not make or answer calls, then you will not be billed.

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              Provided is a link to international coverage, rate and charges.