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    listening to music


      I have a five spot with a 5g plan for my laptop. How much mb usage does it take to use websites such as playlist.com to listen to music? My daughter asked if she could go on this site or would it "eat up" our usage allowance too quickly

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          Streaming music or anything for any length of time  will eat up your silly 5G plan in no time. You can blow 100mb and hour just doing some heavy surfing on the web..  From all that I've read they make about a 900% profit on every GB of data we pay for. The pure*actual* cost for 1GB of data is about one dollar American or less. Go figure. It's just me and the wife on this plan. If i had kids that measly 5G would be gone in a couple days  LOL.

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            thats what i thought-i'll prob just get her and ipod for her bday. the only reason i got the 5gb plan was that when i tried to get dsl through verizon they coulnt get their heads out their you know what and activate my account. had a modem for over a week with all the lights green but no one could figure the problem out so i said forget it

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              If you are going to be using the device to play online games, stream videos, etc. I would recommend checking your data usage frequently. Below are some options of checking your data usage.

              • VZAM tethered (see the VZAM Usage Tab)
              • My Verizon (Log in at www.verizonwireless.com)
              • VZW IVR – use the Mobile Broadband MTN to check data usage