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    no data plan required phones


      I am looking to buy a phone that does not require any data package.  I found this list posted and would just like to confirm that this list is still accurate.  They are phones with a qwerty keyboard, as this is what I am interested in.   Thank you. 




        • Verizon Wireless XV6900
        • Verizon Wireless SMT 5800
        • Moto Q9c
        • Palm Centro
        • Palm Treo
        • Lg Versa VX9600
        • Lg Env2 VX9100
        • Lg Voyager VX10000
        • Lg Dare VX9700
        • Samsung Alias U740
        • Lg Env VX9900
        • The V vx9800
        • Verizon Wireless Blitz