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    Verizon Service in Alaska


      I am going to Alaska.....I have Verizon Family plan. I can only get Verizon service in Juneau Alaksa....not other cities. I need service in other cities in AK...what options do I have??


      Is there a phone I can buy (real fast)...SIM card (ignorant about these)....anything....


      Thanks...Jon Battle - Plano TX

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          Hi Jon!    I just responded to your Private Message on this.   Hopefully, that was the information you needed :smileyhappy:




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            Just in case anybody else wanted to know . . . Verizon has service in the major Anchorage area.    However, they have a wider foot print through their roaming agreement with ACS (Alaska Communications Systems) which covers other major areas and highways.   ACS also operates on the CDMA system as well. :smileyhappy:




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              DC - thanks.....but when I get to Sitka Alaksa..how do I take advantage of Verizon's relationship with ACS? Im either going to get a dial tone or Im not...so am not sure what it is I need to "do" - appreciate your comments on this...



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                You should automatically have service because its your phone will be roaming off of this other network. You may want to adapt your phone to the towers upon arrival, by dialing *228 and pressing option 2 when prompted. 
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                  Hi again.   I don't think you should have to "do" much of anything as roaming is usually a process that occurs automatically on your phone.   You will see the roaming symbol pop up on the device and you may hear the ERI voice come on that verbally alerts you that you are successfully roaming if you have that feature activated.


                  Main Menu - Settings & Tools - Sound Settings - Service Alerts and it should be the first item listed.   Most people normally have this turned off as it can be annoying hearing the voice always announce that you're roaming, but in your case where you actually may want that assurance then by all means switch it to on up there in Alaska.


                  What I would do is call Verizon now before you go and confirm with them that they still have the roaming agreement with ACS, as alliances do change.   However, given that ACS is basically the primary and really only significant player up there I'm pretty sure Verizon is still with them.   I know Sprint is also.    So again, you should not have to "do" anything physical with your phone as the switch to roaming is automatic when you are out of Verizon's area and within ACS's area.   I hope this helps Jon and have a safe trip!   :smileyhappy:


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                    I travel to Alaska on a regular basis between Anchorage, Fairbanks and Delta Junction (Delta is a fairly remote area) and have had very few areas where I didn't have a signal. My phone has always automatically hopped from carrier to carrier roaming without a problem. Good luck!
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                      I live in Anchorage nowand me andmy wife brought our verizon iPhones from Wyoming. I get signal butI can call her right in front of me and the calls go straight to voice mail even when the phone is not busy and with alledge signal. The data services are very very poor, slower than the villain's horse from old westerns or a limbless turtle. I've been hearing that Verizon is coming to Alaska but nobody knows when.

                      I cannot afford to loose phone calls anymore and I'm strongly considering switching to anothe provider.

                      Can somebody provide a fair estimate fo when will Verizon finally come here?