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    Charges for receiving international calls


      Hi! I'm trying to find out how much it costs to receive an international call.


      The FAQ says:

      If someone calls me internationally from outside the U.S. will I be charged extra?

      No, you will not be charged long distance or roaming fees if you are in the U.S and someone calls you from outside the U.S.


      This is contrary to what I learned when calling customer service and was told that a charge of I believe it was 49 cents per minute would apply for a call from Norway placed via the VOIP service Vopium.


      The scenario is the following:

      I, Albrecht, live in Norway and want to call a friend in Colorado who uses Verizon Wireless. For international call, I believe she uses the per minute standard rate option.


      For calling her from my Norwegian phone, I have several alternatives:

      1. Calling her directly via my provider, Telenor.

      2. Calling her via Vopium

      3. Calling her via SkypeOut


      Vopium routes calls via my provider so my call is displayed as coming from my Norwegian number; Verizon sees it as an incoming international call.

      As for Skype, I believe it is not routed through my Norwegian number, and so I don't know how Verizon would see it.


      My question is thus, to sum up:

      a) What are Verizon Wireless customers charged for incoming international calls? Nothing? Local fee? or what?

      b) What are Verizon Wireless customers charged for incoming calls from SkypeOut?


      Thank you for your assistance,