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      What does this mean when it appears as a number on a cell phone's incoming call number?? And how do I get to the real number?

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          If on the phone itself, that is usually a blocked or restricted number. The caller does not want the receiver to know who it is


          There is a site named trapcall.com which offers a pay service to let you know who or what the number is to.

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            Cant Verizon tell me who it is?? I tried a bogus pay site for something else and it told me nothing and I had to cancel the service immediately. I am having suspicious issues I am trying to get to the bottom of ...

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              No, if the number is blocked from the sender's phone, then all you will see if "blocked" , "restricted", or "unavailable" when the call comes in, and your bill will show all 9's.

              Trapcall will tell you what the number is - but as budone said, it is a pay service, not free.