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    uconnect & pantech jest


      I cannot get my Pantech Jest to pair with the uconnect in my vehicle. It locates uconnect, then says pairing failed, then asked for my 4 digit code I have given, then attempts to pair, but my uconnect cancels before my phone completes the process. I can't find my Pantech Manual, so I'm not sure if maybe I'm doing something wrong. I would appreciate any ideas anyone might have.


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          I have provided some information below that may help.


          Ensure Bluetooth is on. (instructions below)

          1.      From the main screen, press Menu [OK].

          2.      Scroll to Settings & Tools.

          3.      Scroll to Bluetooth, press OK.

          4.      Press On [Left SoftKey]


          Try putting the device into discovery mode (instructions below)

          1.      From the main screen, press OK to choose Menu.
           If prompted, press OK to unlock keypad.

          2.      Select Settings & Tools then press OK.

          3.      Select Bluetooth Menu then press OK.

          4.      Press the right soft key to choose Options.

          5.      Select Discovery Mode then press OK.

          6.      Select a setting then press OK to choose SET.


          Bluetooth discovery mode enabled for one minute.


          The following section should look like this:

          1.      Phone displays Place Device You are Connecting In Discoverable Mode, press OK.
          Phone displays Searching.

          2.      Scroll to XXXAccessory NameXXX, press PAIR [OK].

          3.      Before Connecting: Always Ask or Always Connect, select option, press OK

          4.      Phone displays: Connect To XXXAccessory NameXXX? Select Yes or No, press Yes to connect

          5.      Phone displays Connecting
          Phone displays Bluetooth XXXX Device Connected.

          If it does require a password, you would do the following:

          Phone displays Enter numeric passkey For XXXAccessory NameXXX.
          Enter 0000 and press the enter key (See accessory instructions as passcode may vary.)