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    4G LTE Data-stick Mac/Linux/Windows-other authentication information.


      The following information has been released publicly by VZW advanced support so I feel I can share this now:
      If you want to use the UML290 on the Mac/Linux/UNIX/other-platforms you can now do so if you have the engineering knowledge or a little know-how:
      Quick Notes: Verizon 4G LTE uses the GSM APN authentication method through a GGSN (similar to AT&T) and 3G (1X/EVDO) traditional uses the HA CDMA method. The old CDMA authentication method has been posted years before so I won't repost that.
      You WILL NOT GET SUPPORT UNTIL THE OFFICIAL VZACCESS Software comes out on the Mac.

      4G LTE GSM General Device Settings-
      Phone Number: PhoneNumber
      Account name: PhoneNumber@vzw4g.com
      Password: vzw

      Advanced Settings-
      Carrier: Generic
      Model: GPRS (GSM/3G)
      APN: vzwinternet
      CID: 1

      Click OK, then connect and enjoy.

      So on the Mac connection manager (generic apple), make a profile for your UML290 hardware, should be a modem. Make a GSM connection profile with the above. Phone number is your data-stick phone number (fake phone number, used for system identification, get it from VZAccess or your account page online). Account name is "phonenumber@vzw4g.com". (Basically add @vzw4g.com to your phonenumber. Password is "vzw", same as 3g CDMA. In GSM/3G/4G carrier use generic (no special parameters). Model is GPRS (GSM/3G, same as 4G). GSM APN is "vzwinternet". CID is 1 if your drivers need it.

      Enjoy 4G LTE GSM technology by VZW on your Mac! I will be running this on my Linux engineering dev machine soon. Finally I LOVE YOU VZW!


      Oh and if you're just installing it without a Windows machine using it at least once, your SIM card has to be provisioned by VZW support or a store...


      If you want a visual Mac guide:
      Official VZW support (replace the inetgsm.vzw3g.com APN used for overseas roaming with the 4g APN used domestically as listed above):
      Mac: http://support.vzw.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=30063
      Windows XP/Vista/7 (If you don't want to use VZAccess): http://support.vzw.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=29355
      Username/Password/Everything as said above applies, replace as needed.


      NO VZAccess on Mac yet, check your data usage on vzw.com my account... The SMS warning messages should work since it's a standard GSM 3G/4G implementation by VZW if you can get a Mac/Linux app that watches for SMS from the data modem driver interface.


      Verizon will probably add a second APN for smart-phones when they come out with LTE chips. Example: The "vzwinternet" APN gives you a public IP address as that's mean't for data-sticks. They will probably use something (I'm just guessing here) like "advdevice" for smart-phones and that will give the smart-phone a private IP address (10.x.x.x) like the current CDMA HA's do. With APN data traffic separation VZW with 4G GSM tech. can manage traffic volumes better with bandwidth limits, etc. AT&T/T-Mobile are doing the same now and it has recently been implemented on the legacy CDMA HA's also. Also firewalling, security.

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