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    Pop-up Blocker


      How do you turn on the pop-up blocker?

      How do you minimize the keypad on the screen?

      Is there a tutorial for the droid X?

      Why can't i find a search option for this forum so I don't have to ask quesitons that have been previously answered?

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          There are tutorials right on your phone. Tap on the "help" icon. There are also tutorials in the Motorala site. As for search engines, just look up in the upper right corner, and you'll see the search section. No,  you cannot make the keyboard smaller. As for Pop-up, what pop-ups are you referring to? If you are talking about them connected to your browser, your browser should have a pop-up blocker.

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            If you are getting popups, check any free apps you have downloaded because some are malicious software and cause popups on your phone when you use the browser.