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    print my contact list.


      Where, on the website, do I find the option to print my contact list? I see where it shows that option is available but there is no link nor does it direct me to the page where the link is available.

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          Hi Katherine -


          You need to be logged in to Backup assistant, and hopefully yours is working.  Printing the contact list from your computer when you are logged into backup assistant is done by finding the icon that looks like a gear on the top right of the contact list, underneath the View options.




          Click the Select ALL link,  it will check all the contacts, you can then uncheck ones you do not need to print, then click the arrow next to the gear.



          Choose print....

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            Hello SuzyQ,

                      I tried to print my contacts earlier, exactly how you described. The process went through to the point of giving me the two printing options. I tried several times using both options. Nothing printed. I am using a Mac, which is printing everything else including the web page with the contact list. ( one page not the entire contact list)