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    UML290 4G Device


      Has anyone had a problem with this new device?


      I have been using this device since the launch of 4G and every once and while the unit will completely disconnect from the internet and then restart.


      Also I get errors such as no connect found cannot connect.


      Any ideas>??

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          Yes, it has been flaky for me as well.


          Oftentimes VZAM doesn't recognize it is plugged-in. And although I can usually workaround that by moving it to the other USB port on the laptop, it's annoying.


          The other issue is highly variable service quality. Even when it falls back to EVDO, in cases where I probably would have had stable service with my previous devices, the service goes up/down, up/down, the speeds vary all over the place.


          This is on a laptop that has been using Verizon EVDO (ie "Broadband Access") for probably at least 3 years now, using 2 different PC-card devices. (First a Kyocera KPC-650, lately a PC5750 card after VZW rolled-out EVDO-revA which the KPC-650 doesn't support) Windows XP-SP3


          Never had these kinds of problems with the PC cards.


          It was a little better after removing the driver for the old Pantech PC Card (aka Verizon PC5750) in terms of not recognizing the presence of the device, but it didn't fix the problem entirely.


          I'm thinking of swapping it out for the LG card, which seemed to get better speeds in the store anyway. I just picked the Pantech because of the more flexible USB plug and the alleged future GSM/UMTS/HSPA capability.

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            Try changing the Power Settings on the Computer.


            1. Go to Start, then Open the Control Panel.

            2. Select Power Options (under Hardware and Sounds).

            3. Choose item ( Broadband device) and  the current Power Mode (such as Balanced, Power Saver), select Change plan settings.

            4. Select Change advanced power settings.

            5. Expand USB settings.

            6. Expand USB selective suspend setting.

            7. Change the settings for On battery to Disabled.

            8. Change the settings for Plugged in to Disabled.

            9. Click Apply and close the Power Options window.

            For service problems try updating the PRL.
            Ensure that the PC card / USB modem is inserted into the computer.
            If using a notebook with an embedded module ensure the wireless radio is powered on.
            Open VZAccess Manager.
             From the Windows desktop navigate: Start > Programs (All Programs) > VZAccess Manager
             From the Macintosh desktop navigate: Finder > Applications > VZAccess Manager
             From the Linux desktop navigate: Applications > Internet > VZAccess Manager
            From the VZAccess Manager top menu, navigate Options > Activation.
            Click ok.


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              Can you provide the UML290 AT Linux pppd dial cmmands for joining the network?   The normal atdt777# is not working on this modem.


              Thank You,

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                See here:



                If you have a Linux/Mac/Windows app that NATs the connection you can share it. Should be #777 standard dial. Only the UML290 works with Mac/Linux at the moment.

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                  My version of VZAccess doesn't have the Activation option.


                  I'm running VZAccess version (2495t)


                  Also, I'm assuming that the Power options are for Windows Vista/7?  In XP, I think I found a comparable option by going to the modem's properties in Device Manager.  There is a Power Management tab.


                  However, I'm noticing that if I leave the modem alone for a while, XP disables it.  I can see this in Device Manager.  How do I prevent this from happening?

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                    Try using these links below for more information.  

                    Copy and paste the link below into your browser's address bar.  



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                      Thanks for the help


                      I have completed the instructions as listed now we just have to wait and see what happens.


                      As far as the activation for the card or PRL that section does not exist in the Verizon Access Manager 7.6.


                      Thank you again.

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                        I had tried this and yesterday I stayed online. Today I'm disconnecting again, Verizon has let me down. I'm cancelling this upgrade and contract extension going back to my month to month basis until I find a better service. Verizon is too profit mongering without being able to back up the deal!

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                          We apologize about the issues with the device.  We value you as a customer  and hope that you will continue your service with Verizon Wireless.   Thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless.  

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