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    Phonezoo downloads


      I get a lot of my rongtones from phonezoo.com, and I tried downloading one last night but I have no idea how to retrieve it.  Being that my Droid Incredible is my first touch screen phone, I am wondering if anyone has any idea how I can get my ringtones off of phonezoo.com.  Thanks!



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          Hey Neighbor!


          I do not use Phonezoo, I like Crackberry. But it looks like you enter your phone number and they are sent that way. But it looks like you can save them to your PC then transfer them over. That is what I do.


          If you use the PC download all the tones you want.

          Connect your phone using the USB cable to the PC. If asked you load aVZ Manager, just close it.

          Go to the manin screen of your Dinc and pull down the Notification bar. Click on Charge only, you will be given 4 options, choose Mount As Drives.


          Then transfer over the ringtones into your ringtone directory. It may be in either drive.


          Then you should be good to go. If not, let us know.

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            I can give this a try, but will this work with a Mac? I apologize for not mentioning that earlier, if it can't work on a Mac then i can try and do it on my dad's laptop, which is a PC

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              Then I would attempt the download to your phone option. I am guessing you are sent a text with the file attached.

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                okay I got it now, and now another question looms. How do I assign one of these downloaded ringtones as a text notification ringtone?

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                  are you using the stock message program or Handcent? I know with Handcent you can choose your tone. I do not believe you can change the stock programs tone.

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                    You can change the stock messaging apps tone in its settings menu, though non-stock ringtones don't always show up. If you want them to, create a folder on your sd card called media, inside make folders called alarms, ringtones, and notifications. You can place sound files in these and they should show up in the choice window when you set each of these.