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    The actual cost per month

      We are looking to switch to the family premium nationwide plan, icluding vcast, txt & navigator.  Is there any extra charges for airtime?  Does this include music, or just video?  with 5 lines, for premium 1400 minutes, it says 249 per month, but do you still have to pay for per line charges? I just really want the bottom line, what are the charges for 5 lines, family premium 1400?  thank you....
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          $249.96 would be the total BEFORE tax for the 5 lines. $130.00 for first line and $29.99 for each secondary line (x4)=$119.96. The premium plan includes unlimited MBs for web browsing/email, VCast Video, VZ Navigator, Mobile Email subscription and unlimited messaging for everyone. None of the applications use additional airtime.

          Keep in mind  you don't have to get all your lines premium, you can bump it down to just $9.99 and that line will still receive unlimited messaging. So it can be pretty flexible.


          So yes, you're looking at $250 + tax after all is said and done.

          Hope this helps.

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            So to simplify that, you will not be charged additional airtime if you have this plan.