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    adobe flash player for  LG Vortex


      well if its all true  that there is no way to put the adobe flash player on my lg vortex phone.then thats not good ..if there is a way please help thanks

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          Yes the device comes pre-installed with the flash player.

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            are you sure about that?

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              It might only be a flash player lite and not necessarily the flash player from Adobe available on the Market. You can go through your applications and find out what is installed by going to Settings > applications > manage applications and view all applications.
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                Well I sure cannot find any flash player at all installed on my Vortex.  I contacted tech person at Verizon store where I  got 

                my Vortex and he basically stated that there is no Adobe flash player at this time for the Vortex.


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                  sorry was just informed that the lg vortex doesnot support the adobe flash player,which sucks plain n simple....when it calls for the adobe flash on web sites like mine to watch the videos i have n on other sites cant so thats a huge was making a phone that doesnt  have adobe flash ,the makers need to fix this  or why make a phone that doesnt support it.


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                    I agree with oldman44.  for now you may want to install opera mini or opera mobile....i did both and testing them.  they will do

                    flash for you.  Still, better yet lets get this phone to work with Adobe flash.

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                      Ok I got this phone black friday. Its a nice phone especially for free but the sale people nor Zach apparently have been educated on the phone, or they are intentionally misrepresenting it. At best it comes with the flash lite player, so if you have a flash file it might play, but it will not view flash websites and actually play the flash content.  Skyfire browser runs the flash content for you so you can download that app and use it to access a lot of flash content you wouldn't normally be able to.  I don't know about bubs opera mobile advice because I can't get opera mobile to actually play any flash content at all...so I have no idea what sites he is getting to work. My guess is he is mistaking the mobile or html version of the site for the actual flash site when it isn't....are you actually seeing animations and flash videos play right there in the browser bub? 


                      Furthermore from reading the android forums and researching online I have found out this phone is based on an ARM6 processor and there seems to be a lot of doubt that this processor is compatible with flash and will ever be able to use it except in limited ways through apps like skyfire regardless of how they attempt to update the froyo software for the phone.  The methods to install flash directly like  for eclair phones and stuff online to try and get flash to work on this phone do not work, have tried several times and haven't yet read one success story where the writer could actually verify the were viewing flash content for real. It seems again they are mistaking mobile or html versions of the site for flash sites. Yes you can usually view a site like syfy.com but you don't see the actual animated flash content nor can you watch the vids right there in the browser.  


                      This phone was misrepresented to me by the sales people as letting you view flash content websites as they are meant to be viewed. If it can play a flash file, or at least let you view the non flash version of a website then I guess technically it is flash capable and the sales person didn't actually lie but they dang well knew I was talking about viewing flash content in browser because I straight up said as much. It was also misrepresented as a google experience device which it isn't...ya it comes with a google search app i think but the thing defaults to bing and tries to force you to use it every chance it gets and bing sux. 


                      Overall I like the phone but I'm angry because while in the store i had a chance to use a 50 dollar instant rebate towards another phone and could have got a model that was truly flash capable with a faster processor (1ghz instead of 600mhz), a better camera or at least one with a flash and possibly more internal mimory  for a little more cash out of pocket. Instead they used the rebate to give my parents back the 50 right there in store instead of having to mail in the rebate and wait awhile...so chances are there is no way to get that instant rebate back and apply it towards a new phone if I use my 30 day option to return the phone for another...which btw they charge you a $35 dollar restocking fee to do on top of any extra cost for the new phone. 


                      So basically because various verizon employees don't seem to know much about this phone or are intentionally misrepresenting it... I and probably many others will be stuck with a phone for the next 2 years that doesn't actually do the things we were told or led to believe it can do....not without spending a lot of cash out of pocket to upgrade at least, or waiting till our contract expires. It isn't flash capable, and because of the arm6 based processor likely never will be except in a limited way with apps like skyfire that basically do the flash content on their own servers and stream it to the phone, nor is it a true google experience device and the ****** processor means for a new phone it won't be nearly as fast or capable with some apps especially higher end games then other smart phones through verizon. 


                      So this being my first phone through verizon, I'm overall satisfied but not impressed with the knowledge of the sales people I encountered in the store or the knowledge of their online reps so far. I could have ended up with a phone I'll get a lot more use out of and enjoy more but instead I'm stuck with a decent phone overall but one that doesn't meet my needs really.  On the upside you can use eztv app to download torrents, and an app called Orb to stream files from your pc to your phone in a quite watchable way even on the vortex, there are also remote desktop apps that are very handy so in most cases one way or another you can usually view the content you want on your phone some how....just not the easiest way possible in many cases. 

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                        Well, I sure hope someone reconsiders and releases it for the Vortex since it can do YouTube and Skyfire browser will sense Adobe Flash videos and will play them.


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                          I couldn't be more disappointed in my new lg vortex, it is a shame to Verizon to offer a phone that does not work with adobe flash player. I too was offered the option to buy a different phone and pay the 35 dollar restocking fee per phone. It is hard for me to imagine spending the next two years stuck with this phone. My wife and I finally moved in to the smart phone era and are held back by our phones.  shame on you Verizon for making my experience a complete dud.

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