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    Droid X Slow............................... to Wake Up Intermitantly


      Ever since the latest update of the Android software my Droid X is very slow at times to wake up after it goes to sleep.  This may not happen for a few days.  Or it may happen a few times in a day.  It happens during the day time and first thing in the morning.


      When it happens, the Droid runs very, very slow.  It may take fifteen to thirty seconds to reply to buttons or clicking things on the screen.  The only way to get it back to normal is to power off and power back on.  Unless I remove the battery, that too takes a long time.


      I hold the power button and the screen will turn off and nothing else happens.  I hit the home button and the screen comes back on.  The power button did nothing but turn the screen off.   If I keep going through that cycle for a few minutes eventually the prompt to power off appears and I can power off.


      I've installed the Top program to display the processes using the most cpu power.  I have it on my desktop so I can open it real easy.  It to takes a while to open, but when it does, there's nothing over 10% to 15%.


      Also when it happens, none of my alarms work.  I have an hourly chime, the Gmail Label Notifier and the standard Android alarm clock.  These all worked before the update but now when it happens, I miss email alerts and alarms (like waking up for work).


      Has anyone seen this or know what I can do to fix this?

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          Sounds like your device is running low on resources, are you using a task killer?

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            You can perform a factory reset on your device. This will help fix the issues you are currently experiencing with your device.



            • From the home screen, touch the applications tab (located at the bottom of the display).

            • Touch Settings.

            • Touch Privacy.

            • Touch Factory Data Reset.

            • Touch Reset Phone.
              Note If presented, enter the current passcode or draw the unlock pattern.

            • Touch Erase Everything.


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              I've had this same problem, and I don't want to go to all of the trouble of trying a system reset (what will I lose? It sounds like everything, but you don't give any warning about that. Assuming it's even more trouble than this to  to back up everything and reinstall apps).


              Before the update, I loved my Droid... it was lovely, fast, and perfectly responsive. I was constantly telling everyone how much I loved it.  Now it's unreliable, and frequently slow or hanging, and I'm constantly telling everyone how frustrated I am.. This is a customer service snafu, in my opinion. I'm thinking of moving to the iPhone, whereas before this system update, I would have never parted with my Droid.


              If it's the apps, then the System update should fix them or disable them so I know which ones are doing it. It's not acceptable to make the customer jump through hoops when you force them to update.

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                Honestly, this sounds like a 3rd party APP that is causing the slow-down.  There are several ways to attempt to isolate this (before going to the extreme of a painful FACTORY RESET). Here's how I would do it - and others may have opinions as well:


                - if the problem is reproduceable, you can PROVE or DISPROVE that it's a 3rd party APP causing it by going into SAFE MODE and running that way for some extended duration. To get into SAFE MODE :


                1. Power off phone

                2. Press & HOLD the MENU button

                3. While holding the Menu button down, power up the phone - and continue holding the Menu button.


                It will boot up eventually and say SAFE MODE in the lower left corner.  Run in this mode for a while to see if the problem returns. If it DOES, then a Factory Reset is likely you best option ... but before doing that, make sure you know which APPS you have installed so you can get them back. (App Brain is good for this).  Also your Contacts need to be backed up.


                - The other way is to do some diagnosis as to WHICH APP may be sucking the life out of your CPU/Memory. There is an APP called SYSTEM MONITOR in market ... a free version exists to look at things that are active, but you can't set an actual Monitor to review later unless you buy the paid for version .. cheap, and well worth it IMHO. With a tool like this, you can track and see what is using system resources on the phone that is causing the slow down or lag.


                And as far as a TASK Killer:  I don't use one, but others do. You REALLY need to know what you're doing with it to make it run properly. So if you installed one, I'd UNINSTALL it just to at least TEST and rule it out.


                Let us know how things proceed for you.  (I do not see this slow down after FROYO. Mine is pretty peppy.)