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    voicemail problems


      Has anyone turned on their Droid x and the green voicemail icon pops up and it says "Voicemail Activities Received. Data Service N/A Select to Refresh". I select it and it takes me to the visual voicemail screen. But I don't have any new voicemails. When this happens my phone is locked up. I have to take the battery out and put it back in. I haven't downloaded any new apps. Thoughts?

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          It almost sounds like you "Subscribed" to Visual Voice mail ...  When you click on the Voice Mail APP, there is an icon in the lower right corner that says "SUBSCRIBE to VISUAL VOICE MAIL" .... did you click on the at some point?

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            I called verzion and we did a hard reset of my phone. Lets hope that solves the problem.

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              The hard reset did not fix the problem. When I turned on my phone this morning I got the same message.

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                First question, when you hard reset did you disable auto restore option or did you allow the phone to automatically restore your settings and apps after restore?  I have learned the hard way that allowing restoring previous settings usually restore issues.  Try this option... http://community.vzw.com/t5/DROID-X-by-Motorola/Minimize-Droid-X-Issues-After-Froyo-Update/td-p/296586


                If this doesn't resolve issue try this because I have had a similar issue happen a few times and I usually had to resolve it by calling the voicemail from phone and then played back and save the most recent VM messages and then restart phone and then open and then refresh VVM app.  Usually the update completed.

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                  I am also having this same problem, but it appears to be on Verizon's side and not with the phone.  I have the Droid X as well.  I purchased the phone in early July, and since day one I get non-stop notifications of "voicemails" with just the message saying "Voicemail Activities Received".  It happens about once an hour.  Verizon has replaced my phone three times and that has done nothing to stop the problem, so the notifications appear to be sent from Verizon.  I have run out of options to fix the phone and am on the verge of asking Verizon to replace the phone with another model to attempt to fix it.

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                    After The factory reset my phone is still having this problem. I called again today and they are sending me out a replacement phone. I hope this takes care of the problem. 

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                      Heres a way to identify if the issue is the phone or the network, if after a hard reset you dont activate the phone  right away and enter phone by taping around the 4 corners of screen, if the voicemail alert does not show up then its the network not the phone, then connect to network by doing *228 and #1, if alert shows after connecting to network, this is more proof that issue is network and you will experiance same issue with replacement.



                      I really dont think its the phone because Voicemail notfication it tranmitted from Verizons email client, are you using Visual Voicemail or regular VM?

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                        The problem started after I added visual voicemail to my phone about 2 weeks after getting the phone. I told this to the verzion tech guy on the phone. But he told me that it is a non known problem with the visual voicemail so they are replacing my phone. 

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                          Phone replacement didn't work. Had the same issue this morning.

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